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Welcome to Hamilton Wood & Company Ltd.

We have developed a streamlined methodology to help UK companies maximise their full true legal entitlement from the R&D Tax Credit incentive.

Our approach is flexible so can be adapted to match our clients regardless of their industry sector, company structure or size. We pride ourselves on delivering business services designed to help UK businesses thrive.

We are R&D tax credits specialists in addition to providing access to leading finance services and funding solutions. We are head-quartered in Stockport, Greater Manchester, UK.

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R and D Tax Credits Services UK

Our specialist team of advisors will help streamline your businesses recovery of any owed tax entitlement to help contribute to your businesses ongoing success.

We will manage the recovery process throughout and we ensure the claims process is always a cash-positive exercise for your business.

A typical claim for a business is worth between £20,000.00 and £42,000.00 that can be realised in as little as six to eight weeks.

R&D Tax Credits Specialist UK

R&d Tax Credit Specialists UK

What Does 'R&D' Stand For?

R&D stands for Research and Development.For the purposes of tax, it occurs when seeking an advance with technology or science.

Our specialist advisors have a proven track record when it comes to helping UK limited companies recover significant sums of money from central government by way of this type of tax relief.

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What Does R&D Mean?

"For the purposes of tax, Research and Development is the process an organisation goes through when seeking an advance using technology or scientific principles (trial and error, gut feelings etc.)"

Kelly Hamilton - Hamilton Wood & Company (Manchester) Limited

Example of How Much This Claim Could Be Worth

An Example of This Type of Tax Relief

A UK Limited company spent £100k on qualifying expenditure.

They were running at a loss.

They received an immediate cash rebate for £33,350.00 in just eight weeks.

This company is smart.

Be like this company.

If you would like to discuss any area of this valuable form of tax relief, call our specialist advisors now at Hamilton Wood & Company on 0161 791 1401

R and D Tax Credit Rates UK

Government tax legislation is constantly evolving and so too are tax rates.

It is important that each claim is only put forward on the strength of its own merits and it is important that the tax credit rates are correct throughout the full duration of any claim for all aspects of said claim.

Detailed explanations of why a project qualifies is required. We have seen all too often laypeople not fully attuned to all the particular nuances of this part of government legislation being denied claims.

Thankfully when our specialist R and D Tax Credits team have re-examined the facts behind a claim we have then been able to secure substantial sums of money that could have been lost.

Hamilton Wood & Company, Stockport, 'Greater Manchester' - Contact our expert advisors now for advice on R&D tax credits or business finance and funding support.

Hamilton Wood & Company: A leading RD tax credit and business finance specialist based in Stockport,Greater Manchester, UK

Business Finance Stockport Manchester UK

Commercial Lending Services

To fuel business growth, we provide access to a range of leading commercial lending services. Our portfolio of business finance solutions is designed to help your business ease day-to-day cash flow so you can get on with doing what you do best, growing your business.

We can provide access to funds of up to £5million for a broad range of business needs and a number of our products provide your business extra protection from the threat of customer 'bad-debt.'

Commercial Lending Services UK

Commercial Lending Service UK

Business Finance Specialists

We provide a number of services for larger companies looking to secure business funding for a variety of different purposes.

Our team of advisors are on-hand to learn more about your businesses growth plans and then to help by securung the funds required to make the dream a reality.

To view our full range of business finance solutions click here

Sources of Finance for Small Business

Small business often have ambitious growth plans but sometimes lack the funds to make them happen as soon as they'd like.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and need a little financial support to get there, call our team now and we will be happy to assist.

We Provide Funding for New Businesses

We Can Help You Obtain Funds of Up To £5million

Funding for Business Start-up

In the words of Dr. Marting Luther King "I have a dream..."

If you have had an idea for a business and need heelp to secure the funding you need to take the idea and grow it into a sustainable business then we can help.

We provide access to Government backed start-up loans in addition to other startup funding options to help your business develop.

Government funding for business features low-rate interest to maximise your businesses potential for success.

To get funding call business finance team on 0161 791 1401 now.

Equity Financing for Business

One way for a company to raise the funding it needs is through equity loans.

Equity loans are business loans that are secured against tangible business assets that act as a form of security in the future.

Companies that secure funding in this way can typically gain access to larger sums of money than perhaps would be available under unsecured business loan schemes.

The reason for this is simply because you are providing surety that should anything happen, the lenders supporting your business aren't going to be left out of pocket.

Typically, the better your track record of paying back monies borrowed the lower the interest rates that are available to you which in other words simply means you can borrow more for less.

Hamilton Wood & Company are here to help your business thrive. If you would like to discuss any of your future plans and secure business funding, please feel free to contact our team now on 0161 791 1401.

Hamilton Wood & Company: A leading RD tax credit and business finance specialist based in Stockport, Greater Manchester, UK.

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