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Commercial Mortgages

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Commercial Mortgages by Hamilton Wood & Company

A commercial mortgage is a commercial property loan secured on an office, shop, warehouse, distribution centre, apartment complex or hotel amongst others.

Mortgage equity is commonly used as leverage to finance and refinance other areas of a business.

Commercial Mortgages are an all too important area of essential business finance.

Whatever the size of your business, it is likely that at some point your circumstances will change.

When business is good, it might be that you can look at securing larger premises to accommodate ambitious growth plans.

Conversely, every now and then there are external factors that would force you to temporarily downsize, say for example if the country in recession.

This type of business property mortgage offer businesses the flexibility to find suitable business premises depending on their current requirements.

Mortgages for businesses do not work the same way as a buy-to-let or residential mortgage.

Each Commercial Mortgage is priced on its own merits and commercial interest rates are very straight-forward indeed.

We provide access to commercial investment mortgages and for those who invest in commercial properties.

Commercial mortgage rates vary, so for that reason, we always recommend talking to one of our specialist advisors to help secure you the best deal possible.

Our team of specialist commercial mortgage advisors are in-house and are happy to help you with your next mortgage query.

Our team will provide access to the funding you need based on your current circumstances whilst working hard to secure you the best possible mortgage rate.

Commercial mortgages are a form of commercial business loan and so it makes sense to talk to specialists who have the experience to help you negotiate the best possible rate.

Many lenders are offering very attractive commercial mortgage rates however to secure the best deal possible it is sometimes worth being open to changing your business banking provider to open up more preferential mortgage rates.

To discuss a commercial mortgage, please call one of our team now on 0161 791 1401 and they will be happy to help you.

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