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What is ‘Trade Finance’

Trade Finance relates to a number of business funding areas that ease cash-flow for a company.

Trade Finance is a highly skilled profession yet in its simplest form, it is the combination of many financial services including, but not limited to how cash, credit, investments and other assets can be utilised for trade purposes.


What Is the Benefit of Trade Finance?

Commonly, a Trade Finance transaction will involve a seller of products who requires a purchaser to pay for goods ‘up-front’ and so the purchaser may wish to mitigate the potential risks involved with the transaction by requiring that proof of ‘goods-in-transit’ is issued.

When proof of transit is obtained, the purchasers’ funders may then make a loan (by forwarding funds) to the seller.

Our factoring service also falls under the ‘Trade Finance’ banner.

To learn more about where trade finance and/or factoring can help your business get in touch now and one of our advisors will be happy to help you.

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