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Our experts understand the challenges businesses face. We deliver a trinity of services that will improve your Company's bottom-line. Safely and quickly.  Our multi-award-winning solutions position us as a strategic partner for your success. 


Businesses striving to improve products and services can reduce their Corporation Tax liabilities or receive a an almost immediate payable credit.

It's fair to say that since R&D tax credits were launched in the year 2000 they have evolved as a force for good. Successful R&D claims are one of the most powerful ways to boost your business.

The R&D incentive rewards companies who are developing new products and services. Successful R&D tax claims can present a large cash injection to your business, or a reduction in Corporation Tax liabilities.

In recent years, the scale and scope of change to the incentive has been vast. The allowance and rate has changed repeatedly and continues to do so.

It is important that any R&D tax claim is properly prepared. Our R&D tax specialists have a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry. We understand the nuances of the incentive and help you business get the best result from it.

With more changes being constantly introduced, gain peace of mind partnering with our leading team of R & D experts.

We are the partner of choice for many accountancy practices nationally. We support both members of the I.C.A.E.W. as well as the ACCA with complex R&D tax credit claims.

In the same way your doctor sends you to a specialist for diagnosis, our relationship with accountants works in the same way. Propel your business forward with our award-winning, fully-managed process with a track record of delivering more, for less.

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We have a long-established track-record of delivering competitive rate small business loans. We are proud to put your business first when helping to secure the commercial finance it needs.

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Our mission is to help find affordable business loans that won't break the bank. We do not offer business loans that we would not use ourselves. Each new lending partner is carefully assessed and we only engage with the best.

We provide access to a range of commercial finance products to suit a variety of needs.

We provide fast access to many different business loan products including Bridging Loans, 12 month loans, Commercial Mortgages, Development Finance and traditional term loans for a range of uses.

No matter where you are on your business journey, talk to one of our business finance and funding specialists today. We are happy to discuss getting the loan you need on terms to suit you.

We're an award-winning team offering some of the best small business loans in the UK.

We offer a fast and efficient loan application process and providing we have the info we need, we can get you a decision today.

Company's acquiring or disposing of commercial properties used for a commercial purpose may recover a hidden benefit.

Capital Allowances are a taxable benefit against expenditures incurred n plant and machinery (for the purposes of the trade) that is often undervalued and overlooked by commercial property owners.

Capital Allowances have a role in the acquisition or disposal of commercial properties and the benefits can be significant.

We specialise in the identification and recovery of allowable expenditures on Property Embedded Fixtures and Fittings.

The vast majority of the allowance remains embedded, hidden within a commercial property. It takes a specialist team to identify and safely recover the correct value of embedded items.

With no definitive list available, it takes industry experts to assess and distil all allowable items.

Good accountants often have an established process for claiming 'routine' Capital Allowances however, our team takes the assessment and recover to the next level.

Our team will visit the property and carefully analyse the property inside and out. Our role is to safely identify the full true figure, prepare the evidence and pass our findings to your accountant.

Complex legislation means that the vast majority of allowable items are often missed and its tricky to determine what qualifies. Talk to our experts today and we will be happy to help.

Interested in a Stronger, Leaner Business?

Our award-winning Capital Allowance and R&D Tax Credit Specialists will deliver maximum tax savings and payable credits.  We are also happy to help you secure low fee small business loans to fund your next Big Idea.

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Why Hamilton Wood & Company?

In the realm of business services, Hamilton Wood and Company stands as the vanguard, propelling businesses toward unparalleled growth. Our technical firepower goes beyond conventional services—our specialists proudly serve on HMRC's consultative panel for R & D, actively shaping policy and legislation in the UK. This distinguished position underscores our commitment to not just keeping pace with industry changes but actively influencing them.

At the helm is our Managing Director, who is at the cutting edge of Research and Development and business innovation in the UK. His leadership extends beyond Hamilton Wood and Company, as an esteemed member of UK Research and Innovations (UKRI) Peer Review College. This affiliation positions us as pioneers, deeply immersed in the latest advancements, trends, and opportunities in the world of research and development.

By selecting Hamilton Wood and Company as your business ally you are joining forces with professionals who not only comprehend the complexities of your industry but also actively contribute to shaping its future. With a combination of expertise, policy influence and forward thinking leadership we go beyond mere service provision – we serve as catalysts, for driving transformative growth in your business.

Expertise Beyond Boundaries:

Our team consists of professionals who possess a combination of financial expertise and technical knowledge. We don't just focus on the numbers; we delve into the complexities of your business to provide solutions that exceed expectations.

Tailored for Success:

Every business is unique. We acknowledge this fact in the services we offer. Our customized approach guarantees that each solution is designed to suit your requirements seamlessly aligning with your objectives and ambitions.

Industry Leaders in the UK:

With a track record of excellence, Hamilton Wood and Company is recognised as an industry leader in the UK. Our commitment to innovation, integrity, and client success sets us apart, making us the go-to partner for businesses seeking financial excellence.

Efficiency, Every Step of the Way:

Efficiency is not just a goal; it's our modus operandi. From streamlined loan processes to optimized tax strategies, we ensure that every interaction with Hamilton Wood and Company is marked by efficiency, contributing to the success of your business.

Seamless Integration of Services:

Our holistic approach allows businesses to access a spectrum of financial services seamlessly. From R&D tax credits to business loans, capital allowances, HMRC enquiry support, and the RDEC scheme, Hamilton Wood and Company is your one-stop destination for comprehensive financial solutions.

Get More Funds Back for Your Business Safely

Gain peace of mind safe in the knowledge our expert team are looking after your business as if its our own. 


Your Financial Journey Starts Here: Explore the Hamilton Wood and Company Advantage

Here at Hamilton Wood and Company, we don't simply provide services – we offer a pathway to achieving financial excellence. Discover the benefits of collaborating with experienced professionals who comprehend the complexities of your industry, appreciate your goals and are committed to driving your prosperity forward.

Navigate our website to discover in-depth insights into each of our services, read success stories from businesses we've empowered, and access resources that demystify the complex world of finance. Your journey toward financial excellence begins with Hamilton Wood and Company; your strategic partner for innovation, growth, and lasting success.

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You Are Fully Protected by Our Ongoing Support 2 Years After Your Claim Is Filed

At Hamilton Wood and Company, we don't just offer financial services; we become an integral part of your business. We genuinely care about your company's growth and success, treating it as if it were our very own. With a positive attitude, unwavering confidence and endless optimism, we face challenges together, seamlessly working towards unlocking the full potential of your business. Your achievements are not just yours alone. They are our shared journey. We take great pride in nurturing a relationship based on trust, commitment and a shared belief in the promising future that lies ahead.



At Hamilton Wood and Company, we go beyond just achieving financial excellence. Our commitment is deeply rooted in a genuine sense of community and compassion. As we tirelessly work towards supporting the growth and success of your business, we also recognize the significance of uplifting those who are vulnerable in our society. Our optimism stems from the belief that a thriving community forms the foundation for a prosperous future.

In addition to empowering businesses, we take great pride in advocating for positive social impact. Through our initiatives, we provide training and support to those in need, acknowledging that the strength of a society lies within its collective well being. By fostering an inclusive culture that values education and support, our goal is to create a ripple effect of positivity that resonates both within the business world and throughout the wider community.

By choosing Hamilton Wood and Company as your partner, you are not only aligning with an organization dedicated to your success but also one committed to improving society as a whole. Together, let's build a future where businesses thrive and every individual, regardless of their circumstances, has equal opportunities to flourish.

R&D is often conducted by industry or products specialists seeking an advance. They often work collaboratively when trying to overcome challenges preventing progress with a particular project from being made.

Maximize your innovation potential! Our expert team guides you through the R and D claims  process, ensuring your business claims the full benefits it deserves. Simplify complex R & D claims and fuel your growth with Hamilton Wood & Company.

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Empower your business's growth with Hamilton Wood & Co's Small Business Loans. Tailored financing, competitive rates, and quick processing - we make securing funds seamless and efficient. Invest in your success today!

Property Capital Allowance Specialists

Discover the untapped potential of your commercial property with Hamilton Wood & Co’s Capital Allowance Service. We help you identify and claim your full entitlements, reducing tax liabilities and boosting your bottom line.