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We help UK businesses recover money from their past few years business expenditures safely and quickly.

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We Deliver Award Winning Services Designed To Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line Safely and Quickly.

Capital Allowances on Buildings - Hamilton Wood & Company

Capital Allowances are an often overlooked and misunderstood benefit that can help improve a company's bottom line.

We help businesses safely identify all hidden items in a commercial property that could contain valuable hidden benefit.

With no exhaustive list of qualifying items, it takes an expert-eye to uncover and identify all eligible items.

Fast access to low cost small business loans - Hamilton Wood and Company London, Manchester

We provide access to affordable, low cost, low fee business loans.

Whatever the goals of your business, we are on your side to help you achieve your dreams.

We provide access to the business loans  your business needs without leaving you feeling like you are chasing rainbows.

No matter where you are on your business journey, we our business loans can help you.

R&D Tax Credit Claims - Hamilton Wood & Company 2

Hamilton Wood & Company are a leading national provider of R&D tax credit services for SME’s and larger companies in the UK.

R&D tax credits are a government incentive first introduced in 2000 designed to encourage companies to invest in seeking innovation.

Successful R&D tax credit claims can present a substantial cash injection to your business.

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We are on your side to help strengthen your company...

We understand the many challenges businesses face when trying to grow. We are on your side to help get as much of your money back in your business as we can.

It is a worrying statistic that almost two-thirds of businesses fail by their fifth year of trading.

A recent report by CBI Insights suggests the top 5 reasons for business failure are:

  1. No market need (42%)
  2. Ran out of cash (29%)
  3. Not the right team (23%)
  4. Get outcompeted (19%)
  5. Pricing / Cost Issues (18%)

With almost half of the top five issues having a basis in cash flow, we are keen to address this issue.

Our team works to identify any historic or current company expenditure that may be recoverable.

We may not be the biggest but we pack a powerful punch in helping to safeguard your hard work and to give your business the best chances of ongoing success.

We believe that regardless of the spin, there are still areas that need to be addressed in the UK when it comes to helping businesses to flourish.

Separate to our core services, we act as a signposting service and can put your business in touch with some of the UK's established business support networks and grant funding bodies. 

We are here to help as best we can, now and for the future.


Our simple processes allow us to look back and to the future to ensure no vital benefit remains unclaimed or that you can get the funding you need to grow.

The areas of legislation we specialise in are complex and commonly misunderstood. Worryingly, we all too often hear companies saying "we've done it" when the reality is they've not, or at least, not properly.

There is a real possibility that unless your position is expertly reviewed, that you could lose your money forever.

With our average customer award being valued at between £45,000 and £55,000 you can see that we are not talking about small change.

With both Capital Allowances and R&D Tax Credit Claims, we are able to provide a fully managed, expert, end-to-end, fully managed process to ensure your Company doesn't lose money it could otherwise claim back. 

We are also confident to provide complimentary second opinion to assess if your full true benefit has been realised, and if it's not, we can help you ensure you don't lose out on what could be a substantial benefit for your Company. 

Through our network of trusted, and vetted business partners, we are able to get your Company the Business Loan's and Commercial Mortgages it needs when it needs when it needs them.  We can help your Business secure from £1000 to over £600,000,000 *subject to status.

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Here's what our clients say about us

We had been told the Capital Allowances had been done. A neighbouring business suggested a chat with Hamilton Wood & co. It was the best 10 mins I've spent recently. We secured a further £36,000 that could have been lost.

Alex Stevens


We are a recent start-up in our second year. We spoke to Chris who was very helpful. We didn't realise that the work we had been doing could lead to a substantial pay-out. We are delighted with the help and support we got and also the money. Thanks!

Lascelles Campbell


We were able to get £52,000 back quickly. Had we not acted on the phone call we got from Chris, we could have lost out. We had never heard of R&D tax relief but we were glad we got the advice we needed to recover the money we had spent. 

Lisa Smith


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