Welcome to Hamilton Wood & Co. We are one of the UK’s leading R&D Tax Credit Specialists. We also provide access to Low-Cost Business Loans to help your company grow.

Hamilton Wood & Company are a leading national R&D Tax Credit specialists and low-cost business funding provider; we exist to help strengthen the business community of the UK and we are multi-award winners for what we do.

R&D Tax Relief is an extremely generous incentive (provided by the UK Government) that rewards businesses for investing in striving to improve/enhance their industry. There are two types of scheme available depending on the size of your business.

Small-to-Medium sized Enterprises (SME's) are able to recover R&D costs at a more advantageous rate than a corporate or large firm, emploing over 500 employees, this is not to say that the large company scheme, or RDEC for short isn't still very rewarding.

We work closely with HMRC to help UK businesses recover substantial sums (between 25-33.5%) of their eligible business/industry improvement investment costs back with an average award for SME's being valued at over £45,000.00

Hamilton Wood & Company also help Businesses like yours fund innovative business projects on a low-cost basis from £1000 to over £600million, and as already mentioned, we help you recover large sums of your investment costs back and in most cases, in cash.

If your business has had an idea on how to improve its performance in a variety of areas, we can get you the funding you need to make it happen via small business short term loans that we usually approve in 24 hr's our less. We then work with you to maximise your yield under the governments' Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit incentive which means we can help you to recover large sums of money and/or enhanced tax relief.

We provide fast access to low cost business loans, both short term and longer terms.

Hamilton Wood and Co - R&D Tax Credit Specialists

Who Can Benefit From R&D Tax Credits?

No matter the size or sector, if your company is working to resolve scientific or technological uncertainties, investing in seeking development and working on unknown outcomes then you may be carrying out qualifying activity.

Our specialist advisors have a proven track record when it comes to helping UK limited companies recover significant sums of money from central government by way of this type of tax relief.

Am I eligible?

R&D Tax Relief Services

Our specialist team of advisors will help streamline your businesses recovery of any owed tax entitlement to help contribute to your businesses ongoing success. We will manage the recovery process throughout and we ensure the claims process is always a cash-positive exercise for your business.

A typical claim for an SME business is worth over £42,000.00 that can be realised in as little as 6 to 8 weeks.

Government tax legislation is constantly evolving and so too are tax rates. It is important that each claim is only put forward on the strength of its own merits and it is important that the tax credit rates are correct throughout the full duration of any claim for all aspects of said claim.

Detailed explanations of why a project qualifies is required. We have seen all too often laypeople not fully attuned to all the particular nuances of this part of government legislation being denied claims. Thankfully when our specialist R&D Tax team have re-examined the facts behind a claim we have then been able to secure substantial sums of money that could have been lost.

Why not learn more about our R&D Tax Credits Services and Capital Allowance.

What Does 'R&D' Stand For?

R&D stands for "Research and Development." For the purposes of tax, it occurs when seeking an advance with technology or science.

Our specialist advisors have a proven track record when it comes to helping UK limited companies recover significant sums of money from central government by way of this type of tax relief.

Find out more on 'R&D Tax Credits Explained'

An Example of This Type of Tax Relief

A UK Limited company spent £100k on qualifying expenditure. They were running at a loss. Through Hamilton Wood & Company they received an immediate cash rebate for £33,350.00 in just 8 weeks.

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Low Cost Business Loans

Many businesses are reliant on business loans when they have an idea or concept that will help improve and develop their business.

If you're looking for a business loan to fund a development project, then look no further, we can help you. In most cases, business loans are sought so that the business can pay for equipment, vehicles, machinery, materials, stock and a whole host of other items that they simply wouldn't otherwise be able to do. Whatever you need the money for, we provide quick, easy access to business finance and funding.

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Business Loans UK

Hamilton Wood & Company are an independent, privately owned business head-quartered in The City-of-Salford, Greater Manchester, UK.

We are a national company providing access to leading business loans and commercial funding services in addition to expert R&D Tax Credit services. Our range of financial services are designed to help you business eveolve and thrive.

We help fund your innovative business ideas via very low-cost business loans and we then work closely with your management team to ensure all future projects are structured in such a way that you can maximise your future yield under the governments R&D Tax Credit incentive.

We specialise at helping business owners and directors gain access to a broad portfolio of financial products and services to meet the ongoing requirements of their business's needs to help improve cash flow.

With a wealth of experience helping UK businesses take 'that next step' we can provide access to Government backed start-up business loans, traditional business loans for more established companies, invoice factoring services to help businesses release the funds tied-up in outstanding customer invoices, bridging finance services and a plethora of specialist financial support for property developers, traders and the self-employed.

We are multi-award winners for the support we provide to our clients and the business community of the United Kingdom. We are here to support you at every stage of your journey. Let's do business.

We offer;

  • Business Loans UK
  • Invoice discounting services
  • Asset financing
  • Property development finance
  • Stock finance
  • Trade finance
  • Bridging loans
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Invoice factoring services.

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