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  • Recover an average of over £45,000.00 in just 6 weeks
  • 100% no-win-no-fee
  • Senior Tax Partner resides on HMRC R&D panel
  • Streamlined process produces sturdy tax awards
  • No set-up fees
  • Our low fee only due when award processed and agreed
  • Access low-rate business loans to fuel your next 'BIG IDEA'

Hamilton Wood & Co. Business Services | Stimulating UK Businesses

Recover up to 33% of your eligible project spend in just 6 - 9 weeks.

Avg. Award > £45,000

Recover the hidden costs embedded in your company property.

Avg. Award > £45,000

Apply for a quick low-cost loan. Decisions in less than 24 Hrs.

Get £1000 - > £600m


What our clients say:

"Quick process. We were not sure if we could claim but the team at Hamilton Wood & Co. helped us see that we were due some of our costs back. End-to-end it took 8 weeks but we were delighted with the award."



"We had tried to claim ourselves but work got in the way. The guys at Hamilton Wood were great. They managed the process from start to finish. We were impressed with the speed and efficiency their team showed."



"From start to finish it took just 6 weeks. We were helped at every step and impressed with the way the claim was handled. Fantastic support, great result! Will recommend. Thanks a bunch!  We are now looking at more project ideas."



about us

Award-winning R&D consultants, loans platform and capital allowances advisers.

Our success is yours...

Hamilton Wood & Company's ongoing commitment to help UK companies prosper and thrive sets us apart.

We specialize in the UK Governments' R&D Tax Relief and Capital Allowance schemes. These two powerful tax incentives help strengthen your bottom line by reducing your Corporation Tax bill.

We also provide access to low-cost business finance in the UK for small to medium sized enterprises and larger firms too.

In recent years we have won four prestigious awards including:

UK Research and Innovation
  • Best R&D Tax Credit Advisers 2019 - Northern Enterprise Awards
  • Customer Service Excellence Award - Cheshire
  • Best Business Start-Up Loans Provider 2018
  • Best Commercial Lending Specialists UK 2018

Our senior R&D tax credit specialists reside on HMRC's consultation committee for R&D; so, you're in safe hands with us.

Claim cash credits or significant reductions in your tax liability.

Claim when you've been developing/improving products, services, systems & devices.

We are leading advisers on both the Research & Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC) that is for large companies and the SME scheme.

We help you optimise your R&D award. Maximise your payable credit with help from our expert team.

We provide you with leading technical expertise and guidance with award-winning service.

Hamilton Wood & Company are R&D tax specialists headquartered in Manchester.

OUR approach

Discover how we fuel your company growth

When you have an emerging company, it is important that you get the advice and support you need to succeed.

From our own experience, we know that the current 'growth advice' network in the UK is lacking. In fact, it's a joke.

Many advisers who hide behind a 'not for profit' model, still bill the tax-payer at least £750 for a 'nice cup of tea' and their advice is questionable.

No one knows your model better than you. Stick to your values and mission. Don't let outsiders derail your efforts.

Despite what you may have heard, concentrating on admin and process is commercial suicide. Especially for a startup.

Ignore the naysayers. 

Concentrate on sales and you will flourish.

We provide pragmatic advice and support to help you grow. Trust us. We have been where you are.

We don't want you to be exposed to the same mistakes we were.

We're on your side.

Bad Credit Business Loans

Need a bad credit business loan? Well, there may be many offers of 'fast finance' but all that glitters is definitely not gold. 

Not only that, these types of loans will cost you more.  We want to help our clients improve their financial position.

Loans for companies with bad credit often attract much higher APR's. This means your loan will cost you much more and often only serve to make a bad situation worse.

We encourage those of you out there with bad credit to work on paying off your highest APR loans first.

This is win/win for you. You will then be able to borrow more for less.  We provide access to low-fee small business loans.

If you still need a bad credit loan, then we may be able to help...

Short term loans for company's with bad credit are still possible.

We seek to help our clients find the commercial loan that's right for them at an affordable rate.

To apply for a bad credit loan now click this link.

We're making no promises but we are on your side and will try our best to help.

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