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Industry Leading Support with Capital Allowances, R&D Tax Credits and Business Loans

We will strengthen your business's Bottom Line. Quickly, and safely.

Industry Leading Support with Capital Allowances, R&D Tax Credits and Business Loans

We will strengthen your business's Bottom Line. Quickly, and safely.

Hamilton Wood and Company is a best in class R&D tax, and Capital Allowance advisor. We are recognised as leading national provider of robust R&D and Capital Allowance claims. Our Managing Director is a fellow of UK Research and Innovations (UKRI) Peer Review College and our senior R&D technical specialists are on HMRC's R&D consultation committee that guides legislation and policy in the UK.

We marvel at the transformative possibilities ongoing science and technological advances will bring for humanity. As the number one innovation specialists, we are proud to be at the forefront of industry in the United Kingdom. 

It is for this reason we are proud to help you claim R&D tax relief and Capital Allowances (CA's). We are leading advisors with both the SME and RDEC R&D tax relief schemes.  

We also deliver our renowned expertise with Property Capital Allowances that often falls outside the scope of the work provided by traditional accountancy firms, as they are often not equipped to carry out detailed reviews of commercial properties like we are.

At Hamilton Wood and Company we understand the challenges businesses face.  We are proud of the value we provide to businesses in helping them to achieve their goals. We provide carefully selected services that when combined, deliver a powerful benefit to your company.

Expertly managed R&D tax claim preparation and submission. Our specialists deliver a safe and robust claims process trusted and accepted by HMRC. We help you get rewarded for your pursuit of excellence.

  • Leading Support
  • Optimal Award
  • Fully Managed Process

Access leading financial services to support your business. Our finance products are tailored to provide the affordable access funding your business needs. Contact our loans specialists for help.

  • Competitive APR%
  • Low arrangement fee
  • Fast arrangement

Purchased or disposed of a commercial property? There may be a hidden benefit yet to be claimed. We specialise at the identification and recovery of property embedded fixtures and fittings.

  • Complementary illustrations
  • Forensic site assessment
  • Dual item check

HMRC are conducting more 'Spot-Checks.' If you have had a claim prepared by another company and need access to leading advice and support, we can help. We will liaise with HMRC on your behalf with our specialists able to quickly identify a solution. 

Whether you are a large Company or you are conducting Research and Development on behalf of another, we simplify the claims process and maximise your yield safely. We are 6x Award-Winners dedicated to your business's ongoing success.

We partner with accountants who do not offer the niche services we do. We work to deliver the maximum benefit to your customer, helping to strengthen their bottom line. We work with members of the ICAEW, CIMA and ACCA. Get in touch today.

Expert Advice & Support

R&D tax credits are a powerful government incentive first introduced in 2000, that is designed to encourage companies to invest in seeking innovation or to improve their products and services.

Successful R&D tax claims can deliver a substantial funds to your business that are often worth tens-of-thousands of pounds back for you.

A quick call with one of our expert R&D consultants will help uncover if there are any eligible projects and costs that can be recovered by your business. Claiming R&D tax credits needn't be hard work, let our experts simplify the claims process for you.

We will discuss your last two accounting periods and any potential R&D activities you may have been undertaking. Providing you have been seeking to address either scientific or technological uncertainty then you may have the basis for a claim subject to this and other prerequisites. Talk to one of our team today who will be happy to help.

Benefits of Using Our R&D Tax Credit Services

Our Senior Technical Analyst resides on HMRC's consultation committee for R&D.  He discusses the proposed impact of any changes in the scope of legislation and how they may affect companies. 

Our Managing Director is honoured and privileged to be a fellow of UKRI's Peer Review College.  UKRI run a number of Government competitions to award Grant Funding to some of the most ambitious companies.  Our team is at the forefront of UK innovation and are committed to helping ambitious businesses thrive and prosper.

Our technical expertise is amongst the best available, so you're in safe hands with us.

Reasons to trust the experts at Hamilton Wood and Company

  • Complimentary initial R&D health checks (by phone) to illustrate if a claim may be possible
  • We produce robust R&D claims with a 100% success rate to date with HMRC
  • We minimize your involvement to just a couple of hours over the phone so you're free to get on with what you do best, running your company.
  • Leading technical specialists
  • National provider of R&D tax services
  • Low service fee only due when we successfully finalize your claim and an award is agreed
  • We work hard to keep your business in a cash-positive way throughout
  • Fully indemnified service with a track record of delivering powerful results for businesses

Why Hamilton Wood and Company?

FREE R&D Health Check

Complimentary initial R&D health checks (by phone) to illustrate if a claim may be possible 

Robust Research and Development Tax Claims

We produce robust R&D claims with a 100% success rate to date with HMRC

We Save You a Lot of Time

We minimize your involvement to just a couple of hours over the phone. This means you're free to get on doing what you do best, running your Company.

Leading Technical Expertise

We are at the forefront of UK innovation.  Our MD is a fellow of UK Research and Innovations (UKRI) Peer review college.  Our senior R&D tax specialist liaises with HMRC's consultation committee regarding the scheme. 

National Provider

We're a leading national provider of R&D tax services throughout the UK.

Low fees | Success Only Model (R&D)

We believe in helping your business succeed.  We provide a success only model with our low fee only due when we get your business a successful outcome and a claim is finalized and the appropriate changes to your tax return have been filed.

R&D Tax Rebate - Image of a digital mad thinking - Hamilton Wood and Company R&D Tax Specialists

Proud To Support Those That Build a Better Future

Here at Hamilton Wood and Company, we are proud of the award-winning support we deliver.

Established in 2017, our aim is to give back to society and build a better world for all humanity.

We support those who are striving to develop the next innovation in industry. Our award-winning R&D Tax Credit Specialists deliver a valuable benefit that fuels innovation.  Our Capital Allowance Experts swiftly recover a hidden benefit for Commercial Property Owners

With Property Capital Allowances, our expert team assess the hidden value in property embedded fixtures and fittings that often do not appear on the balance sheet, and so are often missed by none-specialists with regards Property Capital Allowances. We help your business recover a percentage of its' historic business expenditures quickly and safely. This helps to improve your company's Bottom Line and performance.

We understand that working capital is the lifeblood of business. Our trinity of services help to improve cashflow in your firm.

We have signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant to support veterans and their families. We are big believers in giving back to society.

Let's work together to build a better future for all.

How Our Business Funding Helps

Our Small Business Loans services provides quick and efficient access to business finance. We have three powerful ways to help improve your business's cash flow. Business loans are just one of these services. We provide access to different types of capital and finance services to support your growth plans.

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