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We are a leading practice of R&D tax credits, capital allowance and business funding specialists providing professional business services throughout the United Kingdom.

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Why Hamilton Wood and Company?

Our management team has a combined twenty-six years experience working with complex legislation.

Our senior R&D tax credit specialist has over thirty-three years working with cutting-edge innovations, science and academia.  He's a polymath for sure.

He resides on HMRC's consultative committee for R&D tax credits; so, you can rest assured your business is expertly looked after.

Our Managing Director is a member of the UKRI Peer Review College a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

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Values and Mission

  • We believe in doing what's necessary to help strengthen UK businesses.
  • We believe in providing industry leading business services and products at a fair price.
  • We believe in putting you, our clients first.
  • We are ethical as we go about our business practices.
  • We believe in doing what's necessary to shape a better world of tomorrow.
  • We believe in giving something back to our communities.
  • We believe in providing opportunities when doors are closed.
  • We believe in investing in our employees so that they too can grow.
  • We believe that by working together, we can tackle the big problems facing humanity.

Our Business Awards

Origin and Story

Having worked with complex legislation for over twenty-six years our senior partners realized they wanted to contribute to society and make a positive difference, and so it was time for a change.  

Having worked for a number of R&D tax credit specialists in various roles, they learned that there may be a better way to help businesses access the pragmatic R&D advice they need; and so, Hamilton Wood & Company was established.  

At the time of writing this 'About Us' page, the entire globe has been in the Corona-virus COVID-19 lock-down however, things appear to be gradually easing.

Thankfully the UK has a strong and capable Government that realized many businesses are in crisis, and they need help to survive and grow.

The official narrative which was in a nut-shell "The Government has set aside large sums of money that will be made available to businesses in need, get it to them quickly."

Now, that sounds fairly straight-forward doesn't it? Well, sadly, not in the UK currently.  

Some of the UK's major banks and lending institutions were again lambasted harshly by the press for not seeming to play-ball and the Government had to sternly intervene. (Almost like the original guidance was somehow confusing?! You couldn't make it up could you!)

Sadly, and according to the results of a recent survey, what actually happened was that many of those delivery partners "trusted" to deliver support to businesses in need were layering their own spurious terms and conditions onto those laid down by The British Business Bank, wholly owned by Her Majesties Government.  We feel businesses deserve better treatment.  After all, they are the lifeblood of the country.

Indeed, the highly respected Financial Times' Daniel Thomas and Andy Bounds published this article entitled 'IoD calls for help for companies left out of UK bailout schemes' something we have been requesting for some time. 

Interestingly, some were and still continue to claim that unless a business has been trading more than three-years, that it is not eligible to apply for CBILS which is a total fabrication.  We bet you're not that surprised to learn that a small minority appear more than willing to offer you one of their own products secured against your home with a higher APR% as we enter what is likely to be the biggest recession in memory.  CBILS, remember, is not secured up to £249,999.  I pray for those business owners who took a secured loan as we enter recession-a-geddon. You certainly can see the potential for litigation in the future.

The Government state in the Industrial strategy that they want a fairer society for all with the gap between the super rich and the public being narrowed.  The major problem with this ambitious goal that the Government has envisioned is that those still stuck in the past aren't too keen on seeing that happen, hence why they are shafting the companies the Government is keen to help. 

Our vision is to help strengthen businesses.

Our frustration with currently available business advice and some of the available support channels made us determined to provide something better.

It is true that necessity is the mother of all invention. So we find it a paradox that many of those needing support and advice often don't get it, and if they do, is it worth the tax payers money at several hundred pounds a pop for 'a nice cup of tea?'

Businesses often get 'derailed' by muddy advice, dead-ends, misinformation etc. Indeed, we're aware it can feel like a donkey chasing a carrot at times. Don't give up. We're on your side.

Our goal is to provide the pragmatic project advice and support you need without the red-tape. Simple.

Bureaucracy and wasted-time is proven to kill many SME's and emerging businesses.

If you have had an to improve your business or industry, we can help you.

Invested in improving your business? We can help you recover large sums of your business development costs back quickly.

Providing you have been investing in eligible business activities, we can help you recover an average of over £45,000.00 in just 6 - 9 weeks.

Stimulating UK businesses is why we exist. We are on your side. Again, our success is born out of yours.

Over the last three years we have won 5 prestigious awards for helping UK businesses like yours. 

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