About Hamilton Wood & Company

Hamilton Wood & Company promises to help strengthen your business.

By providing access to low-fee small business loans and tax-relief services we help improve your company cash-flow.

Our senior R&D tax credit specialist resides on HMRC's consultation committee for research & development. So, you couldn't be in any safer hands.

We have built up an extensive network of loan providers and loan brokers to help our clients get the funds they need to help their business grow.

We are multi-award-winners for what we do and always put you, our customer first.

Our success is yours...

Stimulating UK businesses is why we exist.

Our business awards

  • Best R&D Tax Credit Advisers 2019 - Northern Enterprise Awards
  • Customer Service Excellence Award - Cheshire
  • Best Business Start-Up Loans Provider 2018
  • Best Commercial Lending Specialists UK 2018
Best Business Loans Provider UK -V2-01

Our story so far...

Hamilton Wood & Company started trading 02 January 2018.

Our vision is to help those with great ideas get into business more easily and to strengthen the business community.

From our own direct experience, current business advice in the UK is certainly a mixed bag.

Our frustration with currently available business advice made us determined to provide something better.

It is true that necessity is the mother of all invention. So we find it a paradox that many of those needing support and advice often don't get it.

They get 'derailed' by muddy advice, dead-ends, misinformation etc.

Our goal is to provide pragmatic advice and support without the red-tape.

Bureaucracy and wasted-time is proven to kill many SME's and emerging businesses.

If you have had a fantastic idea to improve your business, we can help you.

Invested in improving your business? We can help you recover large sums of your business development costs back.

Stimulating UK businesses is why we exist. We are on your side. Again, our success is born out of yours.

In less than two years we have won 4 awards for helping businesses like yours.

So, let's do business! You'll be glad we're on your side.

Our business services:

Research and development tax credits london
R&D Tax Credits

We help UK businesses safely optimize their R&D tax credit claims.

Capital Allowance Experts Manchester
Capital Allowances

Our specialists help businesses with professional Capital Allowance claims.

Small business loans UK
Business Loans UK

We provide access to some of the UK's leading small business loans.