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Can we trust ‘subliminal messages’ as a foundation of stability for UK politics and democracy?

Posted by: Simon Dodd on


It has indeed been a while since my last blog piece, but I felt compelled to add my thoughts given recent press coverage of Nigel Farage’s new political party, which is currently dominating the opinion polls.

Having said that, I reason the reason for this ‘domination’ is purely due to the catastrophic failures and inertia of the other parties that have been widely publicised by the media.

“So, ‘what’s your point” I hear you ask….

An analogy of Farage’s ‘medley’ party would be a brand new F1 car released on track and expected to compete for just the remaining lap V’s the age-old and trusted teams who had been expertly trying to navigate the course for some time. A race, that in my reasoning is a little more than unfairly ‘weighted’ in the favour of the new entrant.

Now, let’s get one thing clear. This is not a political post as such, as I am not affiliated to any one party in the traditional ‘staunch’ sense.

If I choose to vote, which sadly I didn’t recently due to the utter bewilderment and confusion that was presented to me by all available media channels, then I try to focus on which party I feel has the best to deliver by way of their manifesto.

I’m not sure if you have seen the articles circulating in the press over recent days about ‘how brilliant’ Farage’s parties logo choice is?

Essentially this is subliminal messaging at its worst, and even more worrying in the political and in your face media spheres!

For those that have not seen it, Farages party’s logo is essentially a bloody massive arrow on the ballot paper TELLING those who choose to vote, where to vote.

Please don’t lynch me for the phrase I choose to use, but the old saying ‘monkey see, monkey do’ comes to mind but in a truly modern world where people seem to be getting offended just by being alive this quote should not be misinterpreted or linked to any perceived bias, affiliation, discrimination etc. etc. by me. It is what it is, a representation of the state of the times. AND DEEPLY CONCERNING TIMES THEY ARE!

There are many pro’s and cons to both sides of the Brexit debate and I am not going to go into this now, hopefully I will get a chance to detail some of my thoughts on both sides of the debate in the not too distant but its important I try and give a balanced view on all that I publish.

Source: Daily Star

And so, with that in mind, I am deeply in awe of Mr Farage and his parties sheer brilliance with the design of their logo but please, Sir, there is a time and a place for subliminal messaging and now isn’t the time.

In the past, I have voted Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem on occasion, but thankfully they did not need to resort to such underhand methods of coercion and subliminal suggestion to secure my vote. My vote was freely offered based on the promised made during their respective election campaign.

So, this brings me to an important point. Of course, we’re all clever important people that pride ourselves on our opinions, decisions and convictions, however, roll with me on this for a minute.

I need to admit a failing of mine. Who, like me, has ever been enticed online by an offer, news story, feature or post that sparked their interest?

What’s more, like me, are you more prone to read things that many in your social circle have read, shared and liked?

Well, this for me is my biggest failure. Sometimes I get sucked in by a nice glossy headline but then fail to scrutinise the underlying facts that often tell a substantially different story. More so if the post is recommended to me via ‘peer review’ but sadly not the same kind of peer review that made Britain, Great Britain.

The opinion of ‘John Doe’ down the pub, or on my social feed should not weigh more than my own personal responsibility to drill down into the essence of a topic. But I must admit, it has, and occasionally does as we are all pressured for time on our increasingly busy lives.

I don’t think I am alone in feeling current UK politics are a mess. This is by no means the failure of any of the political parties’ leaders.

The real culprit is the almost unanimous 50/50 divide on the original Brexit referendum and the potential it has to split the country in two. More worryingly we have already seen the copycat attempted yellow-vest protesters raise their heads, but in the most part, these are the same radicals who appear and seem to latch onto most major civil issues to further their own agenda, whatever that is. As an outsider looking on this often appears to be dangerous fringe groups seeking to weaken the institutions that have prevailed and made the UK the safe, tolerant and industrious country it is; held in high regard on the world stage. (Brexit mess aside)

Misguided ‘Direct Action’ is never a good thing.

So, where am I going with this post? “I thought you said it wasn’t political?!....”

Have I at any point told you what to vote, where to vote etc? NO! All I am trying to do is highlight that the often the OBVIOUS answer, might not necessarily be the right one. It’s akin to a street magician leading you to the answer he wants you to go for. But you’re cleverer than that, right? I have every confidence you are.

Currently, we are in uncertain waters. We, as a country have a CHOICE, and that is important to bear in mind in terms of the impact that Brexit would deliver to us as a nation.

NO, I am not on about the ‘choice’ on the ballot paper although I urge you to assess the bigger picture.

Brexit, when and if it happens has the potential to change Britain forever.

Already, there are the occasional murmurs of a potential recession in the papers post-Brexit.

Seriously, are we that daft as a nation that at the time of the first Brexit referendum that confidence in our future was sky high, but when the deliverable is imminent people (especially businesses) start to ‘crumble’ and start to do the very thing that compounded the speed the last recession took hold…..failed to invest, failed to carry on as normal.


The democratic choice was ours with regards to Brexit but regardless of what happens, the success of GREAT Britain post-Brexit is in our hands.

If we fail to rise to the challenge, we have set ourselves, we will by our own hand shoot ourselves politically, financially and economically in the foot.

Our best chances as a country would be to carry on regardless and focus more on our own businesses, continue to invest in improving our service offerings, products, materials, devices etc. as history has proved that when we do, foreign trade often increases further strengthening our economy and position on the world stage.

So, my point is this (and if you are still reading, thank you!) – PLEASE don’t be distracted by all the noise, the often-biased social posts that sadly are often #FakeNews (I am actually cringing I am referencing Donald Trump but he is clearly an adept businessman who isn’t afraid to make his own decisions).

I for one am making a more concerted effort to read more than just one side of a story in a time when artificial intelligence on Social Channels is capable of ‘filtering’ what it thinks and feels I would want to read….thank you, but personal freedoms and the freedom of thought are something this country holds dear….well, at least we used to.

Author: Simon Dodd

Simon is the Managing Director of Hamilton Wood & Company.

His interests are reading, astrology, martial arts, and siberian huskies.