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Bridging Finance

Bridging Loans Manchester

“Bridging Finance or Bridging Loans as they are more commonly referred to are normally shorter-term loans taken out whilst waiting for larger or longer term business finance solutions to be arranged.” Although some companies provide bridging loans to consumers, Hamilton Wood & Company only provide Commercial Bridging Loans.

In a business capacity, bridging loans are extremely helpful to companies who need to complete the purchase of a new commercial property before selling their existing building. Bridging loans are typically suited to property developers or commercial landlords who manage and control a portfolio of properties.

Bridging loans offer businesses quick access to finance on shorter terms and so they are a very efficient way of securing business finance. Commercial Bridging Loans are also recognised by the term ‘bridge funding with both terms meaning the same thing and therefore they are interchangeable.

When should you

use Bridging Loans?

If you are a property developer or invest in properties bridging loans are a quick and convenient way to secure business finance however as the loans are shorter-termed, they often attract a slightly higher APR.

If you are in a hurry to secure business finance they are an ideal option but if you have the time, it might be that some of our other business finance solutions would be more suitable for you.

Bridging loans should only be used as part of a wider funding strategy as you will always need a sound exit strategy and ability to settle the loan. As always, when seeking credit talk to the experts like those at Hamilton Wood & Company as we will secure the best funding based on your current circumstances.

Bridging Loans

If your business needs to arrange bridging finance call the experts now at Hamilton Wood & Company.

Our friendly team of business funding specialists will be happy to help you by discussing the many funding options available to you based on your circumstances.

We provide a wealth of bridging finance solutions for UK companies. Call us now to discuss any business finance solutions we provide.

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