Property Development Sales Guarantee

Property Developers, protect your investment by securing a pre-build guaranteed sale.  Lock-in a minimum level of profitability which will assist you in raising competitive development finance.

Introduction to Our ClearProp Property Sales Guarantee for Property Developers

We help property developers across England and Wales by providing pre-build sales guarantees.

We can help you lock-in a minimum level of profitability which can also help you secure competitive development finance too.

We are working with an affiliate of a group of companies worth in excess of £2BN who is backing this innovative product specifically tailored for property developers.


Get a free initial assessment. Send us your site details and we will contact you to discuss suitability for a sales guarantee.  There is no obligation further to the free appraisal.  There is a minimum of 5 units with a GDV of £2M, with no maximum limit.

Efficiently De-Risk Your Development

A sales guarantee will help to underwrite the value of your developments:

  • A contract to purchase any remaining units for a pre-agreed discount of 20% to Open Market Value will be put in place;
  • You will pay a Sales Guarantee fee on the homes that you sell on the open market of 3% or 5% depending on whether you would like the deposit to be paid upfront.

This product enables you to effectively lock-in a minimum level of profitability which can assist you to raise affordable development finance.

Furthermore, this product may reduce the reliance on bridging finance that typically attract higher APRS attached to shorter term business loans.

Additionally, a deposit may be able to be paid to you of up to 10% of the sales value prior to the commencement of construction. Of course, this will depend on the lender and the site.  This in turn can further improve your return on equity.

Sell Any Unsold Stock

If after a period of typically 6 months after the practical completion of the development - any remaining stock will be purchased from you at the pre-agreed prices



Take control.  De-risk and release off-plan development funds today.


Benefit from partnering with an equity funder with over £2bn of net worth.


Improve your funding partners and funding structures.  Guarantee property sales up-front with a clear and transparent pricing structure with no surprises or hidden fees.

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  • Developers & Developments covered by NHBC or similar.
  • Strong senior development lender partner.
  • Site GDV £2-25m+, 5 -100 units.
  • Houses and low-rise flats (high rise blocks by exception in certain locations).
  • Maximum of £750k average value per home:
  • Added DD above HTB threshold in areas
  • Analysis of wage-to-price ratio in local market.
  • England and Wales only.
  • Areas with strong employment prospects and manageable supply levels.
  • Areas with strong purchase demand and reasonable rental yields (although rental exit is not a pre-requisite)

If you want to find out more about our ClearProp Sales Guarantee please request a callback

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