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We're here to take the faff out of getting an affordable business loan. We work with a trusted panel of lenders to help your business get the business loans it needs quickly and easily.

More About Our Business Loans

No matter where you are on your business journey, we are here to help you.

With almost half of the top 5 reasons for business failure having a basis in lack of cash flow, we address this issue.

If you're wondering how to get a business loan, you are in the right place, we can help.

Through our network of trusted lending partners, we can provide swift access to finance.

A recent survey we conducted tells us that getting a business loan isn't always that easy. We are here to help you get a business loan quickly, with the minimum fuss possible.


Types of Loan Products Available

  • Term Loans
  • Overdrafts
  • Invoice Finance
  • Asset Finance
  • Revolving Credit Facilities

10 Min Application

We provide complimentary phone consultations to discuss your loan requirements. Applications take less than 10 minutes.

Quick Decisions

We are able to move quickly to help your business get a business loan.  Our panel of lenders are able to fund loans of all sizes.

Fast Pay Out

After you apply for a business loan and a decision has been made, we can get you your money in just a few days.


Get a Business Loan Here

Hamilton Wood & Company provides access to some of the UK's best small business loans to help UK Companies thrive and grow.

Our easy application process takes less than ten minutes over the phone and subject to receiving all the information we need, typically your money can be in your bank in less than a week.

Our friendly service is designed to simplify the process of providing access to affordable finance.

We can provide business loan comparisons taking into account loan durations, the RAPR which is the total cost of borrowing and if there are any alternatives available.

Access Quick, Low-Fee Business Loans

Our research shows that there are still many facing businesses trying to access finance in the UK.  The UK Government have done a superb job in trying to make finance and funding available to businesses of all sizes however, sadly many of those trusted to deliver CBILS and RLS loans are layering their own spurious terms on top, which is making the current situation facing many businesses even more concerning.

Profit should not come before peoples livelihoods.

Hamilton Wood & Company are here to support your business ethically.  We wouldn't suggest a loan product that we ourselves wouldn't use.  View us as an extension to your team and strategic partner.  We care about your success and here to do what we can to contribute to it.

We provide access to low rate business loans with an affordable fees too. We're dedicated to your ongoing success.


When We Say Our Loans Are Flexible, We Mean It!

Get fast access to affordable and flexible business loans with the following payment terms:

  • 12 Months
  • 24 Months
  • 36 Months
  • 48 Months
  • 60 Months
  • 5 years and above



Let's be realistic, if you have a terrible credit score your options could be limited however, there are options. If you have any business assets to secure your loan against then doors may be open. We do not want to see people in difficulty so please make sure that you're not seeking funding if it will only make your situation more precarious in the near future. Whilst we can help, and we try and guide you to number of loan options you may be interested to read the FAQ below 'How can I get the cheapest business loan possible?'


This will depend on the needs of your business and your cash-flow projections. If you know where you are up to with your figures and what payments are on the horizon, then yes, short-term funding could be an option. Typically short-term funding carries higher APR's which as you may be aware is an indicator of the total cost of borrowing. Depending on what amount you need and how quickly you need it, call one of our specialists at Hamilton Wood & Company and we will be happy to help you get the funding that's right for you.


We get asked this question a lot. It's almost the famous 'how long is a piece of string question' rehashed. There are many variables that effect your ability to access low-cost business funding. Firstly, if you have recent County Court Judgements (CCJ's) levied against you within the last 6 years this will seriously impact your ability to access some of the better/more affordable APR loan products. 

If you have missed payments on credit cards, utility bills or insurance services then this too can affect your ability to access the better loan deals. Its worth trying to settle any outstanding CCJ's and catching up on any missed payments for the services provided to you in good faith. Let's face it, if your friend had a history of never paying you back for that last meal, would you lend them a substantial amount of money after this if they asked you? 

The same logic applies here. The majority of lending providers now use all sorts of metrics to assess your creditworthiness before finalizing any loan decision. Your job is to make the prospect of lending to you as positive as possible by showing you are low-risk and will pay the loan back. If you continue to do this on a regular basis you will show you are responsible with credit and so, the doors to lower cost and larger loans may begin to open for you.


With a secured loan, you borrow against an asset that is typically referred to as 'collateral.' This can be plant and machinery, commercial property, vehicles etc. In the unlikely event you aren't able to meet your loan repayments, the loan provider can repossess the asset. Although some business owners try and avoid secured loans, it's worth bearing in mind that more often than not, secured loans offer much more affordable APR's which makes the cost of borrowing much more affordable in most cases. 

With unsecured small business loans, the loan is not secured against the value of an asset. We provide access to both secured, and unsecured small business loans.

How Do I Qualify for a Business Loan?

Let’s be realistic, if you have an abysmal credit score and are looking to secure very large sums your pre-existing credit score will likely work against you.

Personal credit scores illustrate your ability to repay your personal debts, such as store and credit cards, car loans and property mortgages etc. and can be a factor when applying for a business loan.

As some lenders have minimum turnover criteria that can differ widely, a little forecasting can always help you. 

Sometimes if you have outstanding invoices waiting to be paid, naturally it would make sense to recover the money you are owed and get it in your bank account so that the required bank statements are as healthy as possible.

It’s all about presenting your business in the best light possible!

Developing a well thought out business plan is always recommended. 

There are two benefits here, firstly it can act as leverage to help you negotiate more effectively whilst also acting as a personal roadmap for you.

We know it sounds obvious but the number of companies that still have not put pen to paper and distilled their plans and goals is scary! 

Writing a proper business plan doesn’t take long and trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

It will likely pay dividends (pardon the pun) when you apply for finance as well as later down the line for you and your business. 

Your very own personal business almanac that you can check in on from time-to-time to keep you on-track with your goals.

The key takeaway here is to make sure you get all your paperwork and legal and finance matters in the best state you can before you apply.

Here Are Our Top Tips To Boost Your Chances of Qualifying for a Business Loan.

  • Fix any errors on your credit file using a tool like https://www.experian.co.uk/
  • Use a tool like the BITS Credit Card builder to help improve your credit score safely.
  • Seek to get any unpaid, outstanding invoices owed to your company paid ASAP. This will have a positive effect on your bank statements given in support of your application for a loan.  If the debtor is avoiding payment, consider appointing a professional debt collection service or apply for a court action which could help expedite the recovery process of any outstanding payments.
  • Be realistic, don't ask for too much cash.  Reputable lenders don't want to see you over stretch yourself or your company which could put your business and jobs at risk.
  • Consider securing the business finance against property, vehicles or other owned assets to try and access cheaper loans for your company.
  • Make sure you select the right lender; all that glitters is not gold.  Offers of fast business loans should always be looked at closely as many providers hide high RAPRs in what appear to be low monthly interest rates. 
  • Apply for a business loan through Hamilton Wood & Company and we will do all that we can to get you the best business loan we can.

Feel free to get in touch using the short form below.

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