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We exist to help UK businesses thrive by providing access to a portfolio of expert financial and business funding solutions in addition to highly specialised tax relief services including R&D Tax Credits and Capital Allowances.

We deliver business services that deliver fantastic opportunities for UK businesses by making sure you can access funding when you need it most, and then subject to qualifying expenditure, recover an apportionment of any money invested in business development endeavours.

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Our team of professionals will help you achieve your business goals and provide guidance and support throughout your business journey to make sure that your are in the best position possible to capitalise on any business opportunities that present themselves to your business.

It's one thing having an idea, its another having the capital and understanding to make the idea a viable business.

Many businesses look purely for Government Backed Start-Up Loans like those we provide access to but what if you have a poor credit score?

A lot of business owners might not realise that ignoring business loans, they could gain access to finance on the strength of their unpaid customer invoices via our Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting Services.

Many fantastic business ideas that could benefit the economy of the UK often stall because people with a bad credit history sometimes struggle to get the backing they need.

Another avenue to funding would be to check if your business is owed any money from any investments made in business development projects that are advancing your industry as a whole via R&D Tax Credits.

If you are attempting to improve, enhance, modify, tweak or develop entirely new products, processes, systems, materials, devices in a unique way, then the chances are that your business could be owed tens-of-thousands of pounds in tax relief.

Furthermore, if your business owns its own commercial property, then you may be able to claim Capital Allowances for any plant & machinery residing in the prooperty. The rules around Capital Allowances are complex, so contact us today and we will be happy to check if you can make a claim.

Here at Hamilton Wood & Company our goal is to help your company access ongoing professional advice and support so that it can reach its full potential.

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