Capital Allowance Specialists

Leading Capital Allowance Specialists, Hamilton Wood & Company help commercial property owners and property agents.  Our team provides pragmatic advice and guidance to make the most daunting of tasks simple and efficient to deal with.

What are Capital Allowances?

Claim Against Embedded Items

Commercial property owners can claim for items that remain hidden within a property. Our specialist team are experts at identifying items that often remain unclaimed.

A Valuable Form of Tax Relief

An assessment of the property can highlight valuable benefit. Any benefit identified can lead to substantial returns and reductions in tax liability.

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How Does Our Team Help Your Business?

1 Capital Allowance Consultants London

Book a complimentary consultation with one of our team.

2 Capital Allowance Advisers

Our consultants assess the property and record all items of interest.

3 Capital Allowance Election

Our specialists prepare a detailed report for HMRC and work till the claim is resolved.

4 Property Capital Allowances

Report is submitted to HMRC and our specialists work to optimize your claim.

5 HMRC Capital Allowances

Claim is either approved or challenged. Our team liaise with HMRC till concluded for 12m.

6 Capital Allowance Experts London Manchester

When successful, an award will follow. Avg. award >£45,000. Quick and efficient process.

An easier way to think of what qualifies for Capital Allowances in a commercial property would be to imagine you could pick the building up, turn it upside down and shake it…whatever doesn’t fall out of the property might very well be an asset that carries substantial tax relief.

The rules around Capital Allowances are extremely complex, and many professional advisers continue to give information that isn’t correct that leads to some companies losing all, or part of their tax benefits in this area.

Hamilton Wood & Company will make sure that no stone is left upturned when seeking to identify any tax rebates and/or tax credits your business could be owed.

Does my business qualify for Capital Allowances?

To qualify for Capital Allowances you must:

  • Be eligible to pay UK tax
  • Own at least one commercial property that's used for a commercial purpose
  • Have qualifying items in the property

Expert Capital Allowance Help and Support

We provide leading Capital Allowance services for commercial property owners.

If you have, or are about to buy or where you have improved a commercial property talk to the experts now.

Our team offers complimentary initial assessments for property owners and agents.

Our team identifies any valuable benefit that remains embedded in the property. We then help you recover that benefit before it's lost.

Complimentary Assessment

Our specialist Capital Allowance team provides free initial assessments of your property.

Forensic Approach

Our team carefully checks each item individually to ensure that no item is claimed for twice.

Updated Tax Returns

Our Capital Allowance team professionally amends your tax returns so as not to burden you.

Our Team Talks to HMRC

Our team handles the Capital Allowance claim from start to finish.  Our team's work includes 12m indemnity to ensure that your business is protected.

No Initial Set-Up Fees

We provide free assessments to highlight a potential claim.  On instruction, there are no upfront costs to worry about. Our low-fees are due when the claim is completed..

Find out if your business qualifies...

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Capital Allowance Experts Manchester

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