Our Capital Allowance Specialists Help Your Business Recover a Valuable Benefit Hidden in Commercial Properties

We quickly and efficiently identify and recover all embedded plant and machinery items that carry a valuable benefit hidden deep within your commercial property.

Expert Property Capital Allowance Claims Service

We help owners and occupiers of commercial properties recover large sums that are embedded deep within a commercial property.

Hamilton Wood & Co. are leading Capital Allowance specialists helping UK businesses recover sums that often remain unclaimed.

Separate to the traditional Capital Allowances filed by accountants, we specialise in the meticulous and forensic identification of property embedded fixtures and fittings on commercial properties.

If you own a commercial property in the UK or abroad and you are a UK tax payer, contact one of our specialists today and we will happily advise on what may still remain to be claimed.

Capital Allowances on Buildings Are Not Straightforward; But, We Take the Stress Out of Claiming Them

Gain expert advice and support from our team of leading experts.

We quickly and efficiently help you identify all eligible items after a forensic review of your commercial property.

We support accountants in this complex area of UK tax law.  We are a recognised and trusted leader when it comes to embedded Items claims for UK businesses.

Talk to one of our specialist consultants today and we will be happy to provide a free illustration of any hidden monetary value waiting to be claimed.

We Will Safely Exclude Duplicate Entries To Ensure HMRC Are Satisfied and the Claim Is Correct

We have a very good working relationship with HMRC.

We are not here to tread on the toes of accountants; indeed, we provide our leading expertise and support to accountants and their customers when there are hidden Capital Allowances to be claimed that do not appear on the balance sheet.

All too often we hear businesses claiming they've claimed them already.  This is often the tip of the ice-berg and therefor, we recommend giving our team a call to finalise your true position when it comes to Property Capital Allowances.

We help you safely and quickly improve your company's bottom line.

Our Capital Allowance Specialists Consistently Receive Positive Feedback From Our Customers

We take pride in what we do.  It is nice to know that our customers value the time and care we take to get things right on their behalf.

We continue to deliver large sums for our customers safely. We diligently identify the costs embedded in a commercial property and distil a final report for you, HMRC and your accountant.

We understand the pressures small businesses face.  We help alleviate them by improving your bottom line.

For a free Capital Allowance assessment and illustration of exactly what may still remain to be claimed, contact Hamilton Wood and Company today.

Gain Expert Capital Allowance Advice and Support.

We are here to help you uncover a valuable hidden benefit.

We help commercial property owners simplify the Capital Allowance process.

We save you time and money when it comes to safely identifying and claiming all allowable items within your property.

  • Industry leading support
  • Complimentary illustrations
  • Fully managed process
  • Leading expertise
  • 2 year aftercare
  • Safe & robust claims

Talk to a specialist today

Get pragmatic advice on how to improve your bottom line and cash flow quickly. Benefit from a free consultation with one of our Capital Allowance specialists.

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Uncover a valuable benefit that remains hidden within your commercial property

Capital Allowances on commercial buildings are an often overlooked and misunderstood benefit.

They can help improve a company's bottom line safely and quickly. Our team of experts identify all items in a commercial property that may uncover a substantial hidden value.

The difference between Capital Allowances and Property Capital Allowances is that they rarely appear on the balance sheet. Thus, they are often missed by accountants not specialising in this complex area of tax law.