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Hamilton Wood & Company provides access to affordable commercial property mortgages for businesses in the United Kingdom (UK).

We put you and your business first. We succeed when you do. Whatever the stage of your business's journey, we are here to help you.  We provide access to fast and affordable Property Mortgages for Business Owners.

What is a commercial mortgage?

About Business Mortgages

A commercial mortgage is a loan secured on a building that is not your home and that is being used for a commercial purpose.

There are generally two types of mortgage products available, and the cost of borrowing can vary from lender to lender.

The two business mortgage types are:

Commercial buy-to-let - these are used to buy properties in order to let them out to someone else.

Owner occupied - these are used to buy new business premises or to purchase the building in which your business already occupies.


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Commercial Finance Tailored for Your Company

The answer to the question "What are commercial mortgage rates in the UK" varies, and varies widely; from lender to lender and from applicant to applicant.

The reason for this is that reputable lenders don't want to over-stretch your business and to make sure that the amount borrowed can easily be managed without causing unnecessary problems for your company or cashflow.

Your business can have the confidence that when dealing with Hamilton Wood and Company that we won't suggest loan products that we ourselves would not use; after all, we have your business, livelihood, hard work and jobs to protect.

With all types of finance, mortgage decisions are made by carefully reviewing the information you provide along with assessing your ability to repay.  Lenders are risk averse and so, it makes sense to do all you can to reduce the perceived level of risk a lender will allocate to your application.  

If a lender perceives your business as high-risk, they will often charge higher APR's in relation to the loan product.  Any 'red flags' ought to be cleared up in advance of your application e.g. any CCJ's, any unpaid bills affecting your credit score etc.

All business mortgages are tailored to suit your business and personal circumstances.  The better your credit worthiness and track-record for repaying money borrowed to your company, generally the lower the APR's your application will likely attract.

    The average interest rates for commercial mortgages in the UK can vary quite widely. In 2020 the rates available to businesses tended to vary from 2.75% to around 7.5%.  There are many factors that can impact the interest rates on offer from political and economical factors to increased or reduced market demand.

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Commercial Property Capital Allowances are an often overlooked and misunderstood benefit that can help improve a company's bottom line.

We help businesses safely identify all hidden items in a commercial building that could contain valuable hidden benefit.

With no exhaustive list of qualifying items, it takes an expert-eye to uncover and identify all eligible items.

Commercial Business Finance Solutions by Hamilton Wood & Company

Whatever the goals of our business, we are on your side to help you achieve your dreams.

We provide access to the finance your business needs without leaving you feeling like you are chasing rainbows.

No matter where you are on your business journey, we can help you.

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