What We Are Trying to Build...

Hamilton Wood & Company

This is our goal, our vision...Our mission. Our reason for being.

Proud To Offer Support for Those in Need.

Our aim is to provide real opportunities for those in society often overlooked.

It is our belief everyone deserves a second chance, sometimes possibly a third or fourth.

We are committed to providing the training and support that can and will help people from all backgrounds create a solid foundation for a better future.

  • Open & inclusive Opportunities
  • Health & wellbeing support
  • Career opportunities
  • Counselling
Customers served! 135 Suicides in england and wales 2021
Customers served! 135 % EX-CONVICTS DON'T RE-OFFEND

We Are Open to Collaboration

We are proud to have signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant.  We are firmly committed to providing opportunities for those in society that need them.  It's true, not all Heroes wear capes. Indeed, not all heroes are members of the ex-forces as was recently highlighted when a serving convict stepped in to protect members of the public from terrorism.  It goes to show that there is good in people who sometimes have made tragic mistakes.  If you are an organisation interested in what we are trying to build and feel that our goals are aligned, please feel free to get in touch. We are always up for a chat and a coffee and who knows, maybe even a collaboration.

The Problem

Sometimes a person just needs a chance and support, and perhaps more importantly belief.  All too often the winding staircase of life can present problems that shake people to the core. Some have PTSD from serious events that they are still struggling to cope with. 

People suffering from PTSD equate to 1 person in every 400 however, the ratio is higher in those leaving custodial sentences or the Armed Forces.

People suffering from anxiety equate to roughly 6 in every 100 people.  The reasons for suffering with either anxiety or PTSD can differ wildly, but what is proven is that feeling secure and having a mechanism of support can transform lives.

Sadly, people who need a little helping hand sometimes struggle to get it, and the consequences of not getting help and support can be disastrous, to the individual, the family unit and sometimes society too.

Whether it's people fleeing from toxic relationships both personal or professional, or whether they are from marginalised communities or groups looking for a chance, we aim to be the stepping stone they need for a better and more productive life.

The Solution

A little TLC...It goes a long way.

Everyone needs achievable goals to help them feel a sense of purpose.

We are keen to offer training and support both within the workplace and outside it for those that need it.

It is our goal at Hamilton Wood & Company to constantly improve and enhance our working environment to provide work training and development opportunities that helps each individual fulfil their life goals and dreams.

Often, a glimmer of hope and support is all that is needed to pull people out of all manner of negative behaviour patters be that addiction in all its' forms including drugs and alcohol abuse, hedonism or indeed depression and anxiety.

Here at Hamilton Wood & Company we have a firm commitment to doing what we can both within the workplace and outside it to improve the lives of our employees and their families.

If you work for an organisation that either needs our support or perhaps can support us, please feel free to get in touch.

The Hamilton Wood & Co. Company Principles

Our Managing Director is not a fan of the flimsy principles many firms claim to adhere to. He laments while working for businesses he would have sat through countless training about brand values that the company clearly did not stick to.

He found the issue with principles that aren't at the very core of a business is that it breeds contempt. It is important to practice what you preach and that all staff believe in and work to embrace the Company values.  For that reason, Hamilton Wood and Company has nine core company values and principles. Admittedly, we have borrowed five of these from the legend that is Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Aim for the stars and enjoy the journey!

Provide chances

Principles over pounds

Respect others

Hear, speak, see no evil

Find your vision

Think BIG!

Ignore the naysayers

Work your ass off

Give something back

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