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The team at Hamilton Wood & Company seek to deliver excellence in all that we do, but we are only human after all and occasionally, despite our very best efforts we are aware that sometimes someone somewhere may need to bring something to the attention of the management team.

Complaints Procedure

If for any reason you need to escalate an issue for review by the management team, please follow the process outlined below.

  1. Email info[at]hamiltonwoodandco.co.uk with the subject 'COMPLAINT'
  2. Please list the key parts of your complaint in succinct, actionable bullet points.
  3. Explain what the issue is, why you are unhappy, and what we can do to resolve the complaint
  4. Please take care to include your contact details including the best telephone number to reach you on.

After we have received your complaint, we will review it and come back to you initially within 48 hours.

On rare occasions, this timeframe might not be enough to assess and/or respond to the matter raised in full, and so we may require more time to come back to you with a full response. In any account, you will still receive an initial response with 48 hours.

All complaints will be logged on our secure encrypted CRM system as well as in our ISO9001 quality system.  Your complaint will be treated as confidential in that they will only be shared with those that need to see the details of the complaint to respond to or rectify the matter or matters raised.

After a careful investigation, a written response will be sent back to the contact email we have on file for you explaining what we have done in terms of recording, addressing and responding to your complaint.