R&D Tax Credits by Hamilton Wood & Co. in Partnership With ProCore Solutions


ProCore Solutions have partnered with Hamilton Wood & Co. to provide leading R&D Tax Credit services to their clients and contacts.

Are you aware that if you have invested in developing any part of your business (products, systems, services, devices, materials, processes etc.) over the last three years you may be awarded as much as a third of those investment costs back, with our help?

You can even recover up to 100% of people’s wages so you can see we’re not talking small change here.

  • An average award we can secure for your business is well over £45,000.

Our multi-award-winning services are designed to help your business thrive by helping to fuel and stimulate your business.

Luca 2
Luca 3
Luca 4

By working with us, you are helping to fuel the development of an emerging talent in the race-car world; a young man called Luca, aged 5. Hamilton Wood & ProCore Solutions are working together to help this young man chase his dreams. To learn more about Luca, click here.

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