Is Your Business Owed a Serious Amount of Cash or Substantial Reductions in Your Next Tax Bill?

Can You Expect a Sizeable Repayment in As Little As Just 6 to 8 Weeks?

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An Average Recovery Is Worth Around £50,000.00 Back to You. (It Could Be More)

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If you have made appreciable improvements to your business over the last couple of years, then you could be owed a considerable sum…

…subject to the requirement that you have been working to unknown project outcomes (in other words, working with and attempting to overcome any project uncertainties or working on hunches and trial and error) and you have created things that are new/never been done before or you have improved, advanced or tweaked any available:

Technologies | Systems | Products | Methods | Processes | Materials | Devices | Ingredients | Infrastructure

And More...

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There are many areas of embedded costs that could be hidden within your business that could see you being owed literally tens-of-thousand-of-pounds.

In fact, the average sum owed out to businesses like yours is typically around the £50,000.00 mark; so you can see, we’re not talking small change here.


Here’s How It Works…

If your business has been taking steps to evolve by investing in qualifying projects then you more than likely will be able to recover some of your investment costs.



Interesting, What Can I Claim For?

Well, you can claim up to 100% of employees’ wages, NI costs, bonuses, pensions and more for the time they were involved in a project.

You can also claim for the consumables used in a project, software costs and a whole host of other areas which quickly add up meaning you could be owed a huge sum.

As if that alone wasn’t enough, to encourage UK companies to innovate, the government also provides accelerated relief in that for every pound of identified qualifying expenditure, they will give you another 130% of relief on top.

Depending on your company status, it is possible to get as much as £33,350.00 back as an immediate cash-rebate for every £100k of investment identified.

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Sounds Fantastic! How Can I Get My Money Back?

The process to get your entitlement back is risk-free.

Our experts will streamline the recovery process that should see you getting what you are owed in as little as just 6 – 8 weeks.

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Our experts will document where your company is eligible, the costs identified and by acting as your agent, our team will liaise with the government until we have reasoned your claim to a successful outcome.

Get Your Money Back

100% Success – 100% No Win No Fee

We work on a strict success only basis and we have 100% success in claiming money back for our clients.

If we fail to identify any owed entitlement, then there is no cost for our service; in other words, we work on a no-win-no-fee basis.

We only take our fee at the point central government indicate the funds will be issued to your company.


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Our Specialist Advice and Support Is Comprehensive

Our advisors are happy to help with any questions you have in relation to historic company projects.

Whatever you need to know about R&D tax credits or the business finance and funding services we offer, simply give us a call. We’re here to help.

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How Certain Are You That You’re Not Owed Money?

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The team at Hamilton Wood & Company will give your projects a once-over completely free of charge. There’s no obligation to use our services and no pressure. Guaranteed.

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