R&D Tax Credit HMRC Enquiry Support Services for Non-Clients

Are you facing an HMRC enquiry into your R&D tax credit claim?

Access leading specialist advice and support to help protect you and your Company. Our team will help resolve any enquiry swiftly and with the best possible outcome for your business.

HM Revenue & Customs R&D Tax Credit Claim Support for Non-Clients

More and more businesses are receiving letters from HMRC stating they are conducting compliance checks into their past R&D tax credit claims. This is a tax investigation and should be treated with the utmost care and attention.

If you have received a letter from HMRC, Hamilton Wood & Company’s leading team of experts can help draw a protective line in the sand and act on your behalf even where we were not involved in the initial claim.

We provide leading national advice and support, and the appropriate level of protection regarding claims born out of the SME and/or RDEC R&D Tax Credit schemes.

Hamilton Wood and Company’s R&D Tax Credit Support Service offers your business a team of specialists dedicated to helping your business when it needs it most.

We are an award-winning team of specialists with unrivalled technical capabilities.

Main Benefits of our HMRC R&D Tax Credit Investigation Defence Service for Non-Clients

Unrivalled Advice

Our senior technical analyst resides on HMRC’s consultation committee for R&D tax credits and is considered an expert in all supporting legislation.

Experts in R&D

Our Managing Director is a fellow of UK Research and Innovations Peer review college and is a pioneer helping UK businesses with R&D tax credit projects.

Strong HMRC Relations

Benefit from our strong working relationship with HMRC. We have a long and trusted relationship with HMRC and can help safeguard your Company.

Highest Level of Protection

Our team works hard to ensure we provide the highest level of protection for your business as possible, even where we did not prepare the claim in question.

Mitigate Risk

We help to mitigate the risk facing your Company and by minimizing any potential damage to you and your business on claims we didn't prepare.

Complimentary Review

We understand that if you didn't use a specialist to prepare your claim, you could now be in a very stressful situation. We provide initial  complimentary advice.

Talk to One of Our Specialist R&D Tax Credit Defence Team

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