June 8

[Covid-19] Is it safe to gather in crowds?



Reasons not to be a Cov-idiot – Is it safe to gather in crowds?

Only time will tell if the unauthorized mass gathering we have witnessed unfolding in cities around the United Kingdom now leads to the second spike in this pandemic.

I’ve had an interesting conversation with our senior analyst this afternoon about the situation and what we discussed should alarm you.

Our Senior R&D tax specialist certainly is somewhat of science polymath, as his academic qualifications span Biochemistry, Physiology, Mathematics, Computer Science, Meteorology, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Planetary Science, Forensic Science, Aeronautical Engineering and more’ (The full appraisal is two full sides of A4) and let’s not forget that one of our two senior consultants resides on HMRC’s consultative committee for Research and Development (R&D) – https://www.gov.uk/government/groups/research-development-consultative-committee.

He went on to say that “Basic surgical masks offer limited protection to those wearing them, as the air (which may contain virus particles) gets in around the sides. Their basic design is simply to stop the kinetic energy of your expelled breath to be projected far from the wearer in order to protect those AROUND the wearer” However, if they were worn universally by everyone, then that would certainly help stop the spread of the disease and reduce the ‘R’ number.

Surgical masks offer little protection

As the conversation deepened, I learned that the average virus is 0.1micron in diameter; or one-ten-thousandth of 1mm.

Worryingly, loose rags wrapped around the face again can’t stop a virus so small and although do provide limited protection, you are still at some risk if wearing anything other than a face mask designed to stop particles any less than 0.1 microns thick.  These masks which can filter the virus particles from the air are the best for offering protection to the wearer.

And contrary to rumours currently circulating on social medial, masks cannot deprive you of oxygen! The molecules of oxygen are so small that they cannot possibly be removed by a mask! The problem can be that they reduce the flow of air into the lungs, which may make it difficult to breathe if you are exercising or you need to draw deep breaths.

What is even more concerning is the way the virus enters the body and takes it over in such a short space of time.

Your immune system is not easily beaten into submission, however, imagine your immune system was padlocked and as long as your immune system was padlocked then you remain virus-free…

Coronavirus is particularly dangerous as it appears to have ‘a key’ to bypass the body’s cell walls in the respiratory tract and lungs which is what makes it so highly contagious.

The virus can be likened to a child getting a free pass to the funfair. Once it’s in its in and little is going to get in the way of stopping the party.

The virus is designed to replicate and this it does with devastating speed and efficiency crippling the host.

On professional advice if you are beginning to get a little ‘stir crazy’ staying indoors and not going out mingling, please, keep your resolve.

Protect yourselves, your family and loved ones.

Coronavirus - R&D Tax Specialists Hamilton Wood & Company

Remember, you can have the virus and appear physically healthy whilst being a super spreader.

While it is an utter tragedy that many populists are flouting the lockdown for a photo-opportunity to share on social media; hopefully mother nature will take her natural course and rid the world of these ‘oxygen thieves’ going against the very best Government and scientific advice.  How ironic that the virus will starve them of this oxygen if they contract it.

I am not trying to dismiss George Floyd’s death; I agree it was not necessary and could have been avoided.  I just wish people would wake up and not jump on the social media band waggon which is where many of these lunatic theories spread.  Division in society seems to be on the rise but the available evidence shows that it is fringe groups in society stoking division to fuel their own agenda.

By personal choice, I have come off Facebook due to someone trying to convince me recently President Trump is a time traveller sent back to save the world from a nuclear holocaust.  You really could not make it up…or could you?  When I disagreed, I was then berated with a tirade of abuse and encouragement to watch fake news.

What really saddens me deeply is that one of my heroes, Sir Winston Churchill’s monument was defaced.  This is the level of idiocy we are dealing with.

Churchill stood in the face of tyranny and regardless of what was then the political norm, times have moved on largely due to the evolution of that Britain to the Britain we are today. No one can downplay Churchill’s role in helping shape the free and tolerant society we are today.  Yes, the world is waking up to the injustices that we as one race under the stars face.  I hope in my lifetime humanity is united as progress will catapult at that point, providing a degree of healthy competition remains.

Until that time, please try and resist people forcing their opinion or agenda on you.

Sadly, since the emergence of ‘Social Media’ we have seen a rise in conformity to a social group, which can all too easily be hijacked to spread hate, mistrust, and anger.

Let us stick to the simple fact.  Protecting another race against mass genocide is what Churchill stood for.

The United Kingdom has always been a colourful tapestry of different races. From the Celtish Picts, to the Vikings, to the Romans, Irish, Indian, Iraqi, Palestinian, Iranian and more besides. Not just the British kept slaves in times of old. The Romans did, Ghenkis Kham did, the Aztecs did and more recently the Nazis did in the 2nd World War.  Hell, it’s even going on in China right now if you happen to be a muslim.

Indeed its true, lessons need to be learned from our past.  We would not be the Britain we are today without outside influence and cooperation.

But should we erase world history that has shaped us into the more tolerant society we are today? My feeling is no.  If we erase the past, the memory of what happened will fade, and so it will happen again.

To quote an old film title ‘The good, the bad and the ugly,’ seems appropriate…

The good are staying indoors.

The bad are ignoring the lockdown.

The ugly will be the hospital wards in two to three weeks.

Seriously, although I had started to wane, my resolve to tackle the pandemic has been bolstered due to the professional advice received based on available science.

I recommend purchasing something more substantial than a simple ‘designer’ facemask and acquiring something specifically made to protect the wearer against pathogens .5 of a micron thick.

Order your face mask here: https://www.envirosafetyproducts.com/resources/dust-masks-whats-the-difference.html

Please for your own safety, do not give up on your social distancing and resolve to beat Coronavirus.

So to answer the question of the article “is it safe to gather in crowds?”

The answer that is based on available information and scientific fact is that it is definitely not safe to gather in crowds.

Keep safe and well and see you on the other side.

Simon Dodd

Senior Partner


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