Partner With Hamilton Wood & Company

Win-Win Partnerships Available.

We are always interested in discussing mutually beneficial relationships with external individuals and/or organisations where there exists a synergy that will benefit both companies and our respective client base.

Hamilton Wood & Company are a trusted name when it comes to providing leading tax-relief and business funding services.

Pass on our details to your network and associates and you will receive a reward every time we secure a new client further to an introduction from you.

We support businesses of all sizes and from all sectors.

We act as management consultants helping your team or network get access to cost effective business funding.

Once funding is secured, we also provide guidance on how to receive substantial sums back from any investment made on company projects subject to qualifying criteria.

How Your Client Benefits

Having easy access to business funding and tax relief services is vital for businesses of all sizes. However, without access to these resources companies are restricting their own growth potential, sometimes without even realising it.

No matter the potential project or assets required, Hamilton Wood & Co. helps companies get the funding they need when they need it.

As we streamline access to funding and tax relief services, we free up senior management teams time so they can concentrate on what they do best, growing their business.

How Your Business Benefits

As a partner of Hamilton Wood & Company, you will benefit from every referral that becomes a client.

Our commissions are uncapped and have no upper limit and you can normally expect your referral fee in as little as eight weeks.

We do not expect you to sell our services, a simple introduction to someone who may be interested in learning more about where we can help contribute to their businesses success is all we ask.

Follow this link if you would like to refer someone to us now.

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