R&D Tax Credits UK

Tax relief Services for UK Businesses by Hamilton Wood & Company.

This type of tax credit really are an essential government tax scheme which rewards limited companies who happen to be investing in qualifying activities.

This form of tax relief are worth anywhere up to £33,350 back for each and every £100k of qualifying expenditure.

Limited businesses laying out cash to create completely new, or optimise any historic procedures, products, systems, equipment, devices and/or services qualify to make a claim.

Online businesses have the ability to claim for abandoned or shelved projects in addition to successful ones.

This unique type of beneficial tax relief is often utilized as an alternative to conventional business funding options and could be reinvested in forthcoming business endeavours.

They can be utilised in replacement of or possibly in conjunction with innovation grants and/or business funding.

How Do These Tax Incentives Work?

Numerous areas of commercial activity are eligible for R&D Tax relief each time a project is organized in a specified way and seeking to progress science and/or industry in a way that’s not been done before.

If entitled, a corporation would be able to claim back retrospectively up to two open tax years, and when a loss is carried you'll be able to go back just a little further.

The UK government are rigid on only permitting a firm to claim back a two year period.

Just in case your businesses financial year end is getting close and you have not yet claimed, get in touch right away to ensure that you won't lose your entitlement because when it’s gone it’s gone.

This beneficial type of tax relief is dependent on the exact amount of expenditure you spend on company ventures that measure up as ‘R and D’ activity.

The incentive is available mainly because the UK government hopes to stimulate companies to continue our extensive and proud back-ground for being a globe-leader recognised worldwide for providing world-transforming developments and inventions.

R&D tax relief is undoubtedly the most desirable form of government incentive designed for UK businesses.

Really, why is that?

For every single one pound of qualifying expenditure, the UK government will present you with yet another one hundred thirty percent tax relief on top.

This enhanced pot of tax-deductible spend will have the final result of drastically lowering your corporation tax bill and if once utilized it generates a loss, then you'll definitely qualify for a tax refund most of the time inside a 6 or 8 week period from the point your claim is submitted.

Surely our business isn’t eligible for a Claim, is it?

Research and Development tax credits UK :What kind of expenditure qualifies for a claim?

Luckily for us the governments’ recommendations are broad.

Let’s not forget that the rationale for why the scheme exists is to stimulate innovation. The government and treasury win as soon as your business does.

Regardless of what your company size and or field, when you're using almost any technologies and working to resolve uncertainties not immediately apparent to an industry professional or competent individual, then you will be more than likely carrying out qualifying Research and Development activities.

  • Improving or refining already existing products, services, processes (even when the undertaking failed)
  • Developing and crafting advanced products, services or processes (whether or not the project was successful)

You may have a good idea but not know whether it’s going to be successful.

In the event, your organization takes steps to make your concept a reality and you are also having to deal with unforeseen issues or hindrances whilst trying to achieve your goal that has got to be overcome you could satisfy the government's requirements when it comes to R&D.

Once again, the government do not expect all projects to be successful. Nevertheless, they praise your company trying to advance things.

In the event you work on a sub-contractor basis, then there are areas that it's possible to recoup also.

Specifically what R & D expenses am I able to claim for?

We are extremely methodical when we review any R and D tax claim.

We attempt to establish any qualifying areas of activity which might include:

  • Dead projects
  • Company spending on free-lancers in addition to sub-contractors
  • Expenditure on software systems providing it’s been put into use either directly or possibly indirectly on a qualifying activity.
  • Spend on consumables. This includes natural gas, electric and lighting, all the way to untreated materials and other things within reason that may fall underneath the qualifying undertaking.
  • Claim up to one hundred percent of people’s salary, NI Contributions, Pensions contributions and then for any bonuses. (Then add a further a hundred and thirty % accelerated relief)

We'll be able to help your organization claim back any cash it’s owed.

We help companies from all over Great Britain reclaim thousands and thousands of pounds each and every calendar month.

Our company are respected business partners to members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) as well as the ACCA.

Our team of consultants will save you both time and money by helping to prepare a comprehensive report for the government that presents your qualifying ventures in the most desirable light possible.

Our staff work as agents on your behalf, therefore, we have a particularly good history of negotiating qualifying projects and settlements with the government.

Start-up firms are often at the leading edge of their industry.

They have often spotted a gap in the market that they would like to exploit, and they utilise brand new and untried ways of carrying out their duties to achieve success.

If this is the situation, and you're operating at a loss, you can get up toa third back of each pound you spend!

A normal claim made by a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) is worth around £50,000.00

R and D Tax Credit claims really are a fast and effective way to provide your business with a capital injection. Call us now for if you would like to discuss any projects you feel could owe you money.

What things can have an effect on a claim?

Certain conditions can impact the overall tax benefit from a Research & Development claim.

The following list of areas doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t claim, however, the overall value of the claim after these points are considered could be slightly less. That being said, a claim would still be substantial but just not as generous as a conventional claim, but again we reiterate, a claim still has the potential to be substantial.

Does working with subcontractors affect my claim?

Should you have contracted in sub-contractors to help you with a particular endeavour and you're taking advantage of external skills (i.e. not pay as you earn PAYE staff) then you can reclaim up to Sixty-five Percent of your expenditure in this area.

When your organization has been contracted in to provide R & D services to a supervising business, then it is almost certain your company's claim will be processed under the governments RDEC programme that is more attractive to businesses from the 1st January 2018.

Again, this is a clear signal that the UK government is committed to strengthening the UK economy.

Establishing all your proper entitlement is regarded as a grey area and each of our specialists is able to swiftly identify your lawful entitlement. Call today to get a totally free, no obligation R and D health check.

If my company has taken advantage of subsidies and/or grants is this going to affect my claim?

Companies who have benefited from grants and/or financial assistance normally have to apply for this form of tax relief via the governments RDEC scheme.

Generally, the complete R and D return is at a rate of twelve percent (12%) if there's a grant involved.

There are nuances influenced by your circumstances and hence we highly recommend you talk with our consultants now.

Hang on a minute, I have got a firm in a different country…

You might still have the option to claim should your organization be based in another country.

So long as you’re a UK taxpayer and the company has completed qualifying endeavours you might still be in a position to make a claim, however, this can be a complex area and we highly recommend chatting with one of our specialists.

Our company is a part of a group structured company, are we still a small to medium enterprise?

There are actually legal definitions and conditions to establish if your organization is actually ‘attached' to another organization.

Lots of things are considered which include the number of employees, assets, and company earnings amongst others.

As soon as everything is looked at and your true situation is resolved it might be that you're aligned to the governments RDEC R & D framework specially formulated to boost larger organizations.

Each of our skilled agents is happy to guide you and once we have methodically evaluated your position and the strength of your claim then we will demonstrate the claim to the government on your behalf.

Identifying specifically what rules apply depending on your present and past position is really a baffling and overwhelming process.

Let our experts remove the trouble from the task and help you receive your money back in a swift and efficient manner.

Looks excellent but I’ve not paid out Tax or pay as you earn earnings or NI Contributions…

In the past, this might have been trouble. The excellent fact is that some time ago in 2012 the government abolished this old hat way of thinking and from now on allows you to claim against other qualifying areas within the embedded company spend.

In summary, if your business has been working on any projects that are attempting to move your industry forward, then there is a very good chance you could be owed a substantial amount.

We work on a ‘success only’ strategy and should we fail to identify a claim then there is no charge. In other words, we work on a no win no fee basis.

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