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R&D Tax Solutions

Stimulating UK Businesses is why we exist.  

We help innovative businesses recover up to 1/3rd of their eligible business improvement costs back.

We Help Businesses Recover Large Sums From Their Historic Business Development Activities.

UK businesses who are involved in any projects to advance their business could be owed huge sums of money from central Government.

Research and Development tax credits are an incentive designed to encourage your business to seek innovation.

Let’s face it, the UK has a long proud tradition of creating and refining inventions, materials, devices, products services and many other things that go on to change the world forever…in a good way!

The Government are keen to motivate us all to keep focused on this most important of goals.

Well, in a world craving the next ‘BIG’ thing, the UK Government has ‘dangled a carrot’ to encourage UK businesses to step up to the task of developing or improving just about anything.

Providing the project’s success isn’t guaranteed and that you are working with a degree of uncertainty then theirs is a good chance that you could recover up to a third of any cash laid out by your company.

"How good is that," we hear you say...

And, you can literally have the funds back in your business in as little as six to nine weeks.

R&D Tax Credits

Why Use our ​'R and D' Tax Services?

Historically, there has been a lot of uncertainty around what company expenditure qualifies in the eyes of the Government.

Sadly, we have seen companies who have been told irrefutably that they aren’t eligible or that they have recovered all of their entitlement and our team have proved otherwise often leading to repayments in the area of up to tens’-of-thousands of pounds.

If you have projects that may warrant a review by one of our RD tax credit specialists, get in touch now.

All too often we see inexperienced individuals try and reason why a project qualifies for a repayment or a reduction in future tax liabilities and they miss shocking amounts of qualifying expenditure that add up to a pretty big sum.

Make sure your business doesn’t miss out. If you have a project that you would like to discuss, call our expert R and D tax advisers now.

R&D advice

How can our R&D Advisers Help You?

More and more businesses are waking up to the fact that they could be one of the ever increasing businesses who benefits from what is arguably the Governments most attractive incentives to get some money back.

Thankfully in the UK we have a forward thinking Government who like to do things properly and this is an incentive that encourages private enterprise to ‘create,’ and get paid for doing so.

It’s not unknown that the UK Government use tax credits as a virtual ‘tap’ to stimulate the economy in times of recession but to narrow their availability to such times would be counterproductive.

In their wisdom, the UK Government have known that when our country develops yet another advance, then this helps to re-affirm our position on the world stage and it is for this reason they have kept this lucrative scheme available since the year 2000.

Our RD Tax Specialists Will Be Able to Help You Recover Large Sums When You Have Been:

Research and development tax relief

Improving, enhancing, tweaking or refining existing:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Systems
  • Devices
  • Processes
  • Materials
  • Tools
  • Etc.

Planning, designing, researching and creating:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Systems
  • Devices
  • Processes
  • Materials
  • Tools
  • Etc.
RD Tax Solutions

Really? Why is That?..

Well, as we mentioned above, the UK likes to reward companies that aren’t ‘stuck in the mud’ so to speak.
The UK Government are encouraging companies to seek and achieve projects that will benefit the greater good.

The Government continues to send a clear message that they want the UK to hold its position as a world-leader for innovation.

INNOVATION! Now, there’s a word that underpins the whole incentive! Providing you are working on projects that are new in some way or another, then you are more than likely onto a winner.

If you have any historic projects that you feel might warrant a review by an R&D tax specialist then make sure you call our team.

We take the work off your hands. Our experienced team will distill all historic info to make sure we are able to present, and reason your case with the appropriate authorities on your behalf, acting as your agent.


R&D in recruitment


“We had been running various company projects and never claimed. We didn’t realize we could. Thankfully we used the R&D Tax solutions provided by Hamilton Wood & Co and we got nearly £40,000.00 back in our business in just 6 weeks. Great work! Will definitely recommend!”

Insurance R&D


“Hamilton Wood & Company were recommended to us by our accountant. We were delighted with their specialists’ advice and support. We got our money back around the 9 week mark. A great result all around!”

HMRC R and D Tax Credits can be a huge, huge minefield of problems for the inexperienced. 

It is of the utmost importance that when you are trying to negotiate HMRC tax rebates and/or HMRC tax reductions that every aspect of your claim is thoroughly identified and recorded and it is this area of expertise that sets our RD tax solutions and support apart.

Hamilton Wood & Company provides access to one of the UK’s leading RD Tax Credit specialists and we all work hard to make certain that the process of recovering your money is as quick and easy as possible.

Our RD Experts work to a proven methodology to ensure that during each and every step of our seven point process we minimise disruption to you and your business whilst we go about recovering your business the money it’s owed.

The total amount of time we require from you is just two-to-three hours over a six to eight week period.

Research and development tax credits

Every month we help businesses like yours recover substantial sums of money from the Government.

We work on a success only basis which means that if we fail to identify a claim then there is no cost for using our RD tax services

RD tax consultants

Get your money back in as little as 6 – 8 weeks.

Our quick and easy process makes sure that if you have any money its back in your business quickly.

Research and development London

Businesses operating at a loss will be able to recover up to a third of their qualifying business development costs.

If in profit, we help you recover over a quarter of qualifying expenditure that will be a significant reduction off your future tax bill.
RD tax solutions Manchester

For a complimentary R&D health check click here.  The process take just 10 – 20 minutes over the phone.

RD Tax Credits Manchester

We work on 100% No Win No Fee basis.  If we fail to identify a claim, then there is no charge.

R&D tax solutions

Get Funding for Your Next Project and we will get you up to a 1/3rd your investment back

R and D Credit Calculation 2020

Summary of this HMRC tax incentive

•If you’re in profit you can expect to get a tax reduction of £26,000.00 for every £100,000.00 of qualifying expenditure.

•If you incur a loss, you will receive an immediate tax rebate back in your business in just a few weeks.#

Companies that have more than 500 staff are subject to a benefit calculated at a slightly different rate.

If you are a larger company and unsure as to what you could be owed, please call our tax advisers now and they will be happy to help you.

Research and development tax credits london
R&D Tax Credits

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