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We're Experts Helping Businesses in Aberdeen Safely Claim R&D Tax Credits

We help businesses of all sizes recover money from the costs spent improving products and services.

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award winning R&D TAX CREDITS support in Aberdeen scotland

What are R&D Tax Credits and How can They help your company?

The R&D incentive for businesses was first introduced in 2000. 

They are part of a rewarding scheme ran by HMRC to incentivise and encourage businesses in every sector to invest in building new or improved products and services

Businesses that have spent company money making appreciable improvements to products and services over the last two open tax periods can recover as much as 33% of their qualifying expenditure back.

Large sums of peoples wages, utility bills, NI contributions, subcontractor costs, software costs and more can all be recovered and so you can see the figures quickly add up in your company's favour.

Some businesses whose day-to-day operations may signify a claim sadly aren't claiming due to a lack of understanding surrounding the incentive. This is down to a general misunderstanding of what qualifies as R&D.

All UK limited companies may be able to claim regardless of industry.

Recover an average £45-54k

The Benefits of Research and Development Relief for Businesses in Aberdeen

The R&D tax credit incentive helps the Government encourage businesses to innovate.  When a business develops something new, it has the effect of moving the industry forward.  R&D relief make economic sense for the Government.  They reason for every £1 they give back to a business, they recover up to £7 back on a multiplier basis.  The sums given back to a business are paid as wages subject to tax, and then spent on goods and services that are also taxed.  This is a case of the Government giving to receive.

Some of the key benefits are:

Improve cash flow

Receive a substantial payable credit for your Company or reduce your CT liabilities considerably.

Competitive Advantage 

Make sure you maximise all monies your Company can recover to strengthen your position. 

Further Innovation

Reinvest money in your Company and continue to innovate.  Claim back money from your activities.


Expertise You'll Love

Initial conversation

We appreciate you have a business to run, so we limit your time involved so you can get on with doing what you do best, managing your business.  Through an initial 10 min chat we will quickly identify if you have the basis for a claim.

  • <10 min initial chat
  • Quickly identify R&D
  • Arrange next call

Simple claims process

We take the headache and work out of claiming R&D tax credits.  Don't be one of the worrying number of businesses who misses out on money they could claim because they lack the expertise to do so quickly and safely.

Ongoing Support

We provide a fully-indemnified R&D claims process.  We manage the claims process throughout and deliver robust R&D tax credit claims for our customers.  Should there be an HMRC inquiry, have peace-of-mind in that you are fully supported throughout until the matter is concluded.  We have 100% success to date on the claims we have taken on.

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Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
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What our clients are saying

We found the process fast and we were really impressed with the end results. Will recommend.

M. Sanders


We have an established relationship with Hamilton Wood & Co.  We don't specialise in R&D so partnering with them made perfect sense for us and our clients.

C. Mallas


We work in a fast paced environment where everybody is 'hands on deck.' I was pleased with the support from Chris and the time I saved. I was impressed with sum we secured, thanks!

June Dawson


Why choose us?

Award-Winning R&D Tax Credit Claims 

"I was initially sceptical that we we're doing any R&D.  I had visions of needing to be a large scale pharma company and couldn't see where our work would qualify. Thankfully we were introduced to Chris at Hamilton Wood and after a brief discussion, we were able to pin-point areas that formed the basis of our claim.  Thank you!"

Technical Director

Snr. Analyst on HMRC's R&D legislative panel


Director is a fellow of UKRI's Peer Review college


We have recovered hundreds of thousands for our customers, safely, and quickly.

fully managed, streamlined process

Fully managed, end-to-end process robust R&D claims with full support.

What Are You Waiting For? 

If you fail to claim in a given time, you will lose your money forever and you won't get it back.

Ready to claim or find out more?

Complete the form and one of our friendly team is ready to help you.