We Provide Expertly Managed, Robust R&D Tax Claims for Businesses Developing New Products and Services in the UK

Hamilton Wood and Company are a leading R&D tax claims specialist. We are Award-Winners for good reason.

R&D Tax Claims Near Me

We help businesses who have invested in trying to improve or enhance or develop new products and services recover up to 33.5% of their eligible project spend quickly.

With unrivalled technical expertise, and a fully indemnified service, we are here to simplify the claims process for your Company making sure no stone is left unturned.

Our Senior Case Manager is a member of HMRC’s R&D consultation committee. He is one of a select few who is trusted to engage with HMRC to discuss potential changes in this valuable Government incentive. So, you couldn’t be in any safer hands.

Our Managing Director is a keen innovator and holds a prestigious place as a member of UK Research and Innovations (UKRI) Peer Review College.

UK Research and Innovation Peer Review College UKRI

UKRI is a non-departmental public body of the Government of the United Kingdom that directs research and innovation funding, funded through the science budget of the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy.

Expertly Managed

R&D Tax Claims are a very  complex area of tax law. We work closely with accountants not specializing in this area to deliver value-added services to their clients.

Leading Expertise

Our Senior Technical Analyst resides on HMRC's consultation committee for R&D.  Our MD is a proud member of UK Research and Innovations (UKRI) Peer Review college.

Robust R&D Claims

We deliver an award-winning claims service. We simplify the claims process to free up as much of your time as possible. An average client award for most SME's is likely to be substantial.

Our core competencies and leading technical expertise enables us to deliver expertly managed, robust R&D tax claims from start, to finish.

We have 100% claims success for cases we take on, and we engage fully with HMRC on your behalf to ensure the work your business has completed is presented in the best light possible.

Looking to Grow Your Business?

R&D Tax Credits are a powerful tool to reward businesses investing in developing new products and services.

If you would like to ask our specialists any questions, please feel free to get in touch, we would love to talk.

R&D Tax Credits Example

It is important to mention that the scope of what qualifies as R&D is much broader than many realise.

It is possible to recover up to 100% of people’s wages capped at £20,000 plus NI Class 1 Contributions, Software Costs, Subcontractor costs and more besides, so you can see the figures quickly stack up in your favour.

As the Government generously provides an additional 130% on top of any eligible project spend, you can see why this incentive is growing in popularity year-on-year and what makes this incentive so powerful for growing businesses.

R&D Tax Credit Calculation:

Company Operating in Profit

£100,000 identified (Mostly wages)


£25,000 back or 25% of costs

(Reduction in CT Liability)

Company Operating at a Loss

£100,000 identified (Mostly wages)


£33,500 back or £33.5% of costs

(Payable R&D Credit)

Why Is It Important To Use an R&D Tax Specialists?

We have already covered our technical firepower at the top of this page in terms of the skills and expertise we have.

We are a passionate advocate of R&D tax credits and their power to help strengthen UK businesses however, there are many ‘R&D advisors’ out there (many of whom are simply marketing Companies with no working knowledge or experience of the R&D tax credit incentive) who work on an ‘accepted claims basis.’

Innovation Process in the UK - Research and Development Tax Credits new

The nature of the R&D tax credit incentive is designed to strengthen UK businesses however, some unscrupulous Companies have mercilessly entered this market and are extracting money that should be presented to the Company they are supposed to be helping. This in its very nature is against what the incentive is here to deliver and we are vehemently opposed to such practices.

Thankfully, with the experts at Hamilton Wood & Company, your case is diligently managed from start to finish, with ongoing care and support as well as an indemnity insurance which provides additional peace-of-mind in the unlikely event it is required.

The Benefits of Our Award-Winning R&D Tax Claim Support

  • Industry leading technical specialists
  • Senior analyst resides on HMRC's consultation committee for R&D
  • Managing Director is a fellow of UKRI's Peer Review College
  • We take on the full costs of managing a claim until completed
  • In other words, we work on a no-win, no fee basis.
  • The mean average pay for our customers is between £45,000 and £54,000
  • Our low-fee is only due when your claim is finalized and award is complete
  • 100% success for claims we take on
  • Fully managed, indemnified process up to £1m per R&D claim

We provide frontline help and support to none-clients who are facing an HMRC inquiry due to suspected R&D fraud. Of course, if you are a customer of Hamilton Wood and Company ongoing protection and support from our team of experts is all part of the service.

We are here to help strengthen and safeguard your Company. We are a reputable strategic partner dedicated to your ongoing success.

Our Award-Winning R&D Claim Process

As leading R&D specialists, we provide complementary telephone appointments to discuss your historic business projects and what you may consider routine, day-to-day work to see if there are costs that could be recovered on your behalf.

An Initial telephone conversation takes no more than 10 mins of your time, but we can quickly establish if there are any costs that may be eligible and form the basis of a claim.

If we can identify a claim and have a solid basis to proceed, the next step is to provide our experts your authority to act on your behalf. As we are dealing with the Central Government, we need the appropriate authority in place to represent your Company and manage your case.

Our R&D claims process - Hamilton Wood and Co London Manchester-01

Having your claim expertly managed throughout frees up your valuable time so you can get on with doing wat you do best, running your Company safe in the knowledge our experts are diligently working on your case.

As your time is precious, we limit your time involved to the minimum necessary. Typically, we require just two-to-three hours of your time spread out during a six-to-nine-week process.

We deliver an award-winning service, with a full indemnity insurance that (touch wood) has never been required due to the effort and expertise invested on each claim. Having said that, it is there if ever it is needed to provide your business an additional protective blanket of care and protection.

If ever there are any additional question from HMRC (which does happen from time-to-time) then this is expertly managed on your behalf by our experts until resolved. We are here to simplify the R&D claim process for your business and have a strong working relationship and reputation with HMRC.

Hamilton Wood & Company are recognised as technical advisors to Accountants not specializing in this complex area of Tax Law. 

We support both members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) allowing them to provide value added expertise to their client base. We are multi-award winners for good reason.

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R&D tax credits are a government incentive first introduced in 2000 designed to encourage companies to invest in seeking innovation.

Successful R&D tax claims can present a substantial cash injection to your business.