R&D Tax Credits Carmarthenshire

What are Research and Development Tax Credits?

The UK government operates an incentive that handsomely benefits limited businesses shelling out on seeking innovation; its generally known as the Research and Development tax relief incentive.

All United kingdom ltd companies that are required to pay corporation tax might be eligible, when they're undertaking qualifying projects.

R&D Tax Credit legislation was initially announced in the year 2000. The regulation has been consistently developing from that time and is an incredibly specialist division of tax law.

Research and Development tax credits are amongst the most financially rewarding schemes accessible to United kingdom companies.

Sequential UK governments have continued to recognise the benefit of encouraging the United kingdom small business community to fund undertakings seeking improvement and the R&D tax relief initiative happens to be one of the more financially worthwhile programs available for the United kingdoms' organisations.

It is with the aid of the advancement of new and enhanced items, services, systems, devices and many others that the United kingdom remains a significant contributor across the globe and it's crucial we uphold this proud custom.

What precisely are Approved R&D Tax Relief Activities?

Your business can easily already be carrying out work which may be deemed suitable R&D activity and you do not even recognise it.

Are you one of the few organization owners that incorrectly assumes that the scheme is not going to affect your small business? Many people hear the words Research & Development and feel like they have to be working on things as intricate as Rocket Science or Highly developed Robotics or Chemical Engineering and this isn't necessarily the way it is.

Many businesses simply accept that their day-to-day small business activities are merely routine, and unaware that they might be eligible for a substantive R&D tax credit claim.

Wherever your firm is unsure of the road forwards in terms of improving your products, services, systems, devices and more, and perhaps you might be working on trial and error or iterative improvements To beat any of the technological or scientific difficulties linked to the task then this can flag qualifying Research and Development is occurring.

R&D Tax Credit Calculation

The incentive makes it possible to recover a number of areas of company spend.

After we have established the total sum of your company spend that is eligible, the United kingdom government provides an increased relief of an extra 130% on top.

Without further complicating things too much, this means that organisations in profit will receive a £25k reduction off their subsequent tax bill for each £100k of spend determined. For business owners running at a loss, any amount uncovered can be ‘surrendered’ which means for each and every £100,000 of eligible spend observed that you can expect a virtually instantaneous cash repayment from HMRC for £33,350.00 in many instances within 6 to 9 weeks.

It sounds intriguing, how do I claim?

Hamilton Wood & Co. are a prominent Research and Development tax relief specialists servicing the whole of the United kingdom.

Our senior R and D tax relief professional resides on HMRC's R&D consultation board which enables you to see the amount of practical experience we have in-house.

We have designed a streamlined, holistic claims method that helps you get more of your funds back in your firm as soon as possible.

We appreciate that managing your business can be demanding. For that reason we minimise the time you are needed throughout the process to just A couple of hours over a 6 to 9 week period.

We operate on a one hundred percent rate of success for claims that we handle and manage.

Should we fail to establish a claim then there is no charge for our time. In short, we operate on a hundred percent no-win-no-fee structure.

Why should you have faith in Hamilton Wood and Company for helping to optimise your Research & Development tax relief claim?
  • We're a national team of award winning R & D Tax Credit and Small business Funding consultants.
  • We are affiliated with the governments Start-up loan company who are a subsidiary of the British Business Bank, which is wholly owned by HM Government.
  • Our leading Research and Development Tax Credit practitioner is one of a small group who resides on HMRC's R&D consultation board. You can be confident our team to help safely maximise your claim.
  • £45000 is the typical value we now secure for our SME clients.
  • Our team will get funds back in your organization in just six to nine weeks.
  • We limit your time required to just 1 to 2 hrs during the entire process so you can get on with other things in the knowledge we are going to do the rest.
  • Our service is indemnified to present you peace of mind.
  • Hamilton Wood and Co. can also fund the next business project up to the tune of over £600m. We are the perfect partner of choice to help make your ideas reality.