R&D Tax Credits Dundee

Research and Development Tax Credits, precisely what are they and in what ways can they help your firm?

R & D Tax Credits are an incentive ran by the United kingdom government that rewards UK companies who are shelling out on searching for improvement.

If your business has been trying out ventures that are trying to find innovation, that is aiming to do things in a unique and considerably improved way, then providing you are listed as a limited small business and you are required to pay UK corporation tax then there's the chance you may be able to claim R & D tax credits.

The laws associated with Research & Development tax credits which is a sophisticated area of tax law was first brought in in the year 2000 and has been continually evolving from that time.

R and D tax credits are probably the most financially rewarding initiatives there for UK organisations.

Successive UK governments have continued to recognise the advantages of encouraging the United kingdom firm community to fund plans looking for improvement and the R and D tax relief scheme currently is one of the most financially advantageous incentives on offer to UK organisations.

It is by means of the advancement of all new and appreciably improved items, services, systems, devices and so on that the United kingdom has long been a respected contributor around the world and it's crucial we continue this proud way of life.

Precisely what projects could my small business be executing which may constitute eligible R and D activity?

Many organisations owners may qualify to claim Research & Development tax credits without realising.

Some organization owners incorrectly think that the initiative will not apply to their firm because of confusion surrounding the title of the scheme.

Many organisations merely believe that their day-to-day firm undertakings are merely routine, and not aware that they might qualify for a considerable R and D tax credit claim.

As soon as your company is shelling out on attempting to improve, And you might be working through a period of trial and error, learning along the way etc. With the goal of fixing any one of the technical problems halting your mission from being a success then this can easily highlight your business could possibly claim.

R&D Tax Credit Calculation

There are a number of areas where organisation spend can be retrieved by means of the incentive.

For any sum of organisation spend we establish, you will take advantage of yet another one hundred and thirty percent on top provided by the United kingdom government.

Basically, if the business is in profit for each £100,000 of approved firm investment revealed you can expect a £25,000.00 reduction off your next tax bill.. Businesses running at a loss should expect to get back around £33.3k for every single £100000.00 of firm spend revealed and usually this may come as a cash lump-sum within 6 to 9 weeks.

It sounds intriguing, how could I claim?

If you would like to discuss any of your recent and ongoing projects to establish if there is any embedded R&D residing in your business, simply call one of our expoerts on 0161 791 1401.

Hamilton Wood and Co. are a significant R&D tax credit specialists servicing the whole of the UK.

Our senior R&D tax relief specialist resides on HMRC's Research and Development consultation board so you're able to understand the amount of ability we have in-house.

Our top rated industry experts have produced a streamlined process recognised by HMRC to help get more of your funds back in your firm in a shorter time.

We realise that managing your organization can be difficult. For that reason we restrict the time you are required throughout the process to just One or two hours over a 6 to 9 week period of time.

To date, we have a 100% success rate for claims we carry out. Our services are indemnified also, so if ever we have to reason with HMRC with reference to any computations et cetera. this is all part of our support.

We operate on a 100% no-win-no-fee basis so this means, should we fail to locate a claim then there is no fee for our teams time.

Why select us for helping to with your claim?
  • Hamilton Wood and co. are a multi-award-winning R & D Tax Credit and Business Funding Specialist serving the entire United Kingdom.
  • We are affiliated with a subsidy of the British Business Bank, the Start-Up Loans Company; which is wholly owned by HM Government.
  • Our senior Research and Development Technical expert resides on HMRC’s R & D consultation board, so you’re in incredibly safe hands with us.
  • A typical amount we secure for our customers through the SME R and D scheme is now over £45,000.
  • Our R&D process normally takes just six to nine weeks in total.
  • So that you can carry on with operating your organization, we cap your time involved to just One to two hrs over the 6 - 9 week period of time.
  • Our process protects you from risk as we engage with central government on your behalf to always make sure things go smoothly.
  • We are also able to help fund small business initiatives to the tune of over six hundred million pounds. We are the ideal partner to fuel your advancement.