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What are R & D Tax Credits?

Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits are a government incentive that could help enhance your organization by rewarding it for trying to obtain innovation in your own industry.

R & D Tax Credits Legislation was introduced in the year 2000. In the event that your organization has invested in its own evolution ever since that time and never claimed R&D Tax Credits then you might have now lost a large amount of money that might be tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pound in missed tax relief.

How can they assist your small business?

Companies like yours can bring back in between 25-33% of their eligible investment costs back again whenever they have been investing in making improvements to their firms products, devices, processes, systems and many others and can also make use of reduced corporation tax liabilities in the future.

The UK enjoy a long and proud past of making new ways of performing things and products and services that go on to change the world for the better. The British government offer you this program to stimulate more of the same.

R&D Tax Credits are Certainly an incredibly rewarding business initiative that can help power your organization's advancement.

Wherever your small business is operating in profit, you can expect a £25,000 reduction off of your next tax bill for every £100k of eligible pay out uncovered. When your company incurs a loss, it is able to surrender this loss for an almost instantaneous cash refund from central government valued at £33,350 for each £100k of qualifying spend unearthed.

A normal amount of money we help to locate for our SME customers is now greater than £46,000.00, so its possible to see we are not talking small change here.

There are a number of business owners who mistakenly believe Research & Development would not apply to their company or they've been told as much in the past however when they realise that their historic attempts to improve their business and secure gains may well amount to Research and Development and that they can get back up to 100% of individuals wages you can see how fast the results stock up in your favour.

This hmrc incentive is created to strengthen your enterprise by way of rewarding it for making the steps needed to secure an advancement.

In the event you and/or your team (together with sub-contractors) are trying to get rid of technical uncertainties with a job, even if the work doesn't achieve the intended final result you'll still possess the ability to claim an apportionment of money spent back. What is critical is that you are looking to secure an advancement since this will expand your knowledge, expertise and skills in the future.

How do I recognize if my firm is eligible for this type of relief?

All UK firms in all sectors technically may be eligible, providing they are conducting permitted activities.

You should be looking to solve any of the difficulties standing in the way of an advance being realised.

Don't forget this incentive will reward you even if you are unsuccessful in your attempts.

Where your company continually has got to 'go back to the drawing board' before you'll 'try again' this tends to suggest that eligible R and D activity could be being completed.

Without even recognising it, many organisations out there could very well be undertaking eligible Research & Development activities. If you are not sure if your recent projects qualify, call a specialist now; we can help you.

When you have had a gut-feeling your business can do something in a new or different way, and you work toward making your dreams a reality, then you might be undertaking approved Research & Development activity.

If you've been making an investment in developing your organization and industry within the last 3 years and aren't very certain if your endeavor will qualify as Research & Development (R&D), call our experts now, we can help you.

Why use Hamilton Wood And Company?
  1. Our senior analyst liaises with HMRC in relation to proposed adjustments and revisions in legislation.
  2. We have a 100% rate of success to-date.
  3. We secure an average more than £46,000 for our SME clients.
  4. We can get your award back in your business within 6 to 9 weeks.
  5. Only once hmrc makes funds available to your firm are our low-fees due. This means you will always be in a cash positive position.
  6. We are partnered with accounting firms on a national basis and offer our guidance and experience to help safely optimize their clients R&D tax claim.
  7. As an award winning business services provider, we are acknowledged as a national leader for what we do.