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R&D Tax Credits, What are They?

R&D Tax Credits are a top rated scheme operated by the HMRC to compensate limited companies taking part in trying to move the bounds of what is doable in their business.

R & D Tax Credits Legislation has been around since the year 2000. Whenever your business has invested in its own advancement after that and not claimed R&D Tax Credits then you may have lost out on large sums of funds that might be tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pound in missed tax relief.

How can they support your small business?

Companies like yours can reclaim somewhere between 25-33% of their qualified investment costs back when they've been investing in bettering their organisations products, devices, processes, systems etc and may also benefit from reduced corporation tax obligations moving forward.

The UK enjoy a long and proud record of creating new options for doing things and products and solutions which go on to change the world for the better. The British government provide this initiative to encourage more of the same.

R&D Tax Credits are undoubtedly the single most advantageous incentives that happen to be in place to benefit Limited corporations in england.

At the time of writing, for each and every £100,000 your small business spends on an eligible project, you'll get either a £25,000.00 reduction off of your future government tax bill, or if you are running at a loss, you can ‘surrender’ this loss which will stimulate an almost immediate cash-rebate worth £33,350.00 from HMRC with our help.

Hamilton Wood & Co help our clients secure an average of £46,000 in just 6 to 9 weeks.

There are a number of small business owners who wrongly think that R and D will not apply to their company or they've been told just as much in the past however when they recognise that their legacy attempts to enhance their business and secure progress could possibly amount to Research and Development and that they can recover up to 100% of peoples wages you can understand how quick the numbers stock up for your benefit.

Your organization will likely be handsomely rewarded via this government program when you've been spending company budget endeavouring to perform things in a brand new or notably improved way.

In the event you and/or your crew (including sub-contractors) are working to unravel technical concerns with a task, even if the undertaking doesn't get the planned result you'll still be able to claim a percentage of cash spent back. What is important is that you are trying to achieve an advancement because this will advance your understanding, experience and capabilities in the future.

Just what will indicate if my company is eligible to claim?

Wherever your small business is trying to complete things in a new and enhanced way and you are a ltd. company eligible to pay UK corporation tax, then there may be the opportunity you will be qualified to claim.

You ought to be endeavoring to eliminate any of the obstructions standing in the way of innovation being realised.. Keep in mind this scheme will repay you even in the event you are unsuccessful in your work.

Where your business consistently needs to 'go back to the drawing board' prior to deciding to 'try again' this may signify that eligible R&D activity may perhaps be being completed.

A good many firms are carrying out eligible Research & Development but are unaware to it as it just seems like 'business as usual,' don't lose out, call the experts now; we can assist you.

Let’s say you’re a business person and you've got a feeling that you are able to do something better, more efficient, more environmentally-friendly in a fresh or appreciably enhanced way, and you're being forced to undergo a period of trial and error, then this will in all probability comprise qualifying Research & Development (R&D) activity.

If you've been making an investment in developing your business and industry within the last 3 years and are not quite certain if your endeavor will qualify as Research & Development (R&D), call our experts now, we can help you.

Why you can trust Hamilton Wood And Company?
  • Our senior R&D Technical specialist resides on HMRC’s R & D Consultation Committee, and that means you couldn’t be in safer hands.
  • We have a 100% success rate to-date.
  • We recover an average more than £46,000 for our SME clients.
  • Our stream-lined 'fast-track' approach will get your funds back in your organization in just six to nine weeks.
  • We take on the full cost of looking into and managing your claim. If there is no claim then there is no fee for our time and our low-fees are only due when money is made available to your company.
  • More than 50% of our new business come from accountants who we support with this very specialist area of tax.
  • As an award winning business services provider, we are acknowledged as a nationwide leader for what we do.