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Hamilton Wood & Company is an R&D Tax Credit specialists Serving Liverpool, Merseyside.  Research and Development Tax Relief is a lucrative incentive available to all limited businesses in the United Kingdom.  We help our clients recover an average of over £45,000.00 from their historic project spend and business improvement costs.

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What are R&D Tax Credits?

The Research and Development tax initiative rewards organisations for investing in pursuing new development.

This incentive was initially unveiled in the year 2000 to reward innovative businesses.

For every £1 invested in an eligible activity, You will Get back up to 0.33p of that pound

To put it differently when you spend a £100k in improving your company and securing a competitive advantage get up to a 3rd of your money back.

You may recover between 25% and 33% of your eligible costs back.

The incentive was introduced at in the year 2000 to stimulate more businesses to invest in pursuing developing new products and services.

For every pound HMRC provides back to a business, they state they receive a further £7 on a multiplier basis.  This form of tax relief is an efficient way to fuel your growth and the economy.

When your business achieves a successful R&D tax relief award, you go on to pay your team wages who often help in pursuing more new innovative business projects. Those wages are then spent on goods that are generally taxed like fuel, alcohol, cigarettes and so on so you can see where the Government gets its money back and then some.

This is certainly a case of the Government giving to receive.

Benefits of Our R&D Tax Credit Service

We work on a success only basis. This means that unless we get your business the results it deserves, then there's no fee for our time. In other words, we work on a risk-free, no-win-no-fee basis.

Free R&D Health-Check

Contact us for a free R&D health-check. Our advisors will assess if your projects have merit and may signal a claim.

Instruction Received

Complete our client instruction form that provides us the authority to act on your company's behalf.

R&D Project Discussion Call

We conduct a more detailed call to discuss your business's historic projects and day-to-day activities that may hold value.

Technical R&D Call

Once an initial project overview has been secured, we start to distill all the relevant information to support your R&D claim. We do this on your behalf.

Report Processing

Our science and industry polymath with 33 years academic research prowess prepares a comprehensive R&D report for HMRC.

R&D Award

Our team has a great relationship with HMRC and work tirelessly to resolve any questions in relation to the submitted report until conclusion.

So, Just How Do You Claim Research & Development Tax Relief?

When you have spent company money enhancing your products, services, systems, devices etc; then you may be able to claim.

You may even meet the requirements to claim if you have tried to improve existing services and products. You'll want to have committed to qualifying endeavors.

HMRC is now pursuing great number of businesses that have filed incorrect claims. This highlights the importance of using specialists to ensure a robust claim is properly prepared and filed with HMRC.

Hamilton Wood & Company has a 100% success rate and will manage the claim until completion.

R&D tax experts Liverpool - Hamilton Wood & Company Merseyside

Invested in Trying to Improve Your:


Do you work to improve your business's products and service? This could signify an R&D tax claim.


When your business is striving to improve your service delivery in a new way, this could signify a claim.


Are you combining a variety of systems to achieve an advance or save time? This could signify a claim.


Are you working to improve devices used in your business? If you are contact us to see if you can claim.

Why Use Our R&D Tax Credit Specialists



We have won 5 prestigious awards for the help and support we provide to UK Businesses.  We are determined to win more.  Let's show you why.

End-to-End Service

Our team takes on the full cost of managing your claim from start to finish.  Our experts liaise with HMRC directly to ensure your R&D tax claim progresses smoothly.

No Set-up Fees

There are no up front fees or set-up costs. Our low-fees are only due when we get your business a successful result so we have an incentive to deliver the highest quality service.

Robust R&D Tax Claims

Our team has a proven track-record of producing robust R&D tax claims.  We carefully and diligently assess your business projects and ensure that we distill all important information for you. 

Start Your R&D Tax Credit Claim Now

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Do I Qualify for R&D Tax Relief?

If your limited company has been trading for at least 12 months and has invested in improving or developing its products, services, systems and devices you may be able to claim.  We provide leading advice and support on helping you recover large sums from this generous Government incentive.  We can help you recover your costs regardless of whether you are in profit or not.

What Can I Claim For?

Too many business's don't feel they are spending enough money to claim.  You can recover up to 100% of peoples wages, utilities, sub-contractor costs, travel costs, consumable items and so you can see how quickly the figures build into what could be a significant return for you and your business.  As a leading R&D tax credit specialists our award-winning team conducts an initial complementary appraisal of your historic projects and business activity to assess if there is any potential for a claim.  We then perform a comprehensive audit of activities to reveal all eligible business costs incurred. Our specialists perform this audit to highlight any valuable benefit that will support your R&D tax claim award.

What Is an Average Claim Worth?

Our average client award is now valued at over £45,000.00.  The amount you receive will depend on a number of variables including the amount of money invested in a qualifying project, the duration of the project an whether your business is currently in profit or trading at a loss.  When our specialists help distill all of the relevant information in relation to your research and development projects, should your business be operating at a loss any amount may be surrendered as a loss, to trigger an almost immediate cash-rebate from HMRC for overpaid tax.

What Is Hamilton Wood & Company's Role?

Our expert R&D analysts work solely on behalf of your company. We're on your side to ensure that any valuable benefit that remains hidden in historic business projects is not lost.  Our team works to simplify the process of recovering any expenditure that can be recovered on your behalf.  We are proud of our relationship with HMRC and our role in helping businesses like yours succeed.  We work to help your business recover its full, true award for R&D tax credits quickly and efficiently so that you can get on with doing what you do best, running your business.  In the unlikely event that any issues are raised in relation to your claim with HMRC, we work on your behalf until the matter is settled.


We Help Improve Your Company's Bottom Line Fast...

Our specialists produce robust R&D tax credit claims for businesses in Liverpool.  Our efficient process ensures that no valuable benefit remains unclaimed.  We make claiming R&D tax credits an smooth and streamlined process and help to safely maximize our clients R&D awards.  We have a 100% success rate and our senior analyst resides on HMRC's consultation committee for R&D so you couldn't be in safer hands.

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