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R&D Tax Credits Liverpool

R&D Tax Credit specialists Liverpool, Merseyside.

Research and Development Tax Relief is a helpful business incentive that's available in the United Kingdom.

Precisely what is R&D tax credits?

The Research and Development tax initiative rewards organisations for investing in pursuing new development.

This incentive was initially unveiled in the year 2000 to reward innovative enterprises.

For every £1 invested in an eligible activity, You will Get back up to 0.33p of that pound

To put it differently dedicate a £100k in improving your company and securing a competitive advantage to get up to a 3rd of your money back.

You may recover between 25% and 33% of your eligible costs back.

The incentive was opened-up at the beginning of the new century to stimulate more enterprises to invest in new and improved products and solutions.

For every pound the HMRC provides back to a business, they state they receive a further £7 on a multiplier basis.

You'll see, when your small business obtains a successful R&D award, you have to pay your team wages, and buy other things which carry duty. Wages are then spent on goods that are generally taxed like fuel, alcohol, cigarettes and so on.

This is certainly a case of the Government giving to receive.

So, just how do you claim Research & Development tax relief?

When you have put funds into enhancing your products, services, systems, devices etc; then you may be able to claim.

You may even meet the requirements to claim if you have tried to improve existing services and products. You'll want to have committed to qualifying endeavours.

HMRC is now pursuing great number of businesses that have filed incorrect claims. This highlights the importance of using specialists to make certain things go-ahead without any problems.

R&D tax experts Liverpool - Hamilton Wood & Company Merseyside

What type of things might qualify for Research and Development tax relief?

When you happen to be unclear about the the best way to move forward. When there existed a certain amount of significant technological and / or scientific uncertainty which had to be fixed.

It is very important that your company has tried to make improvements to its products and/or services. You may do this by striving to overcome the uncertainty within the challenge.

Research and Development tax credits Liverpool - Hamilton Wood & Company

How many years can I claim for?

You can recover eligible costs spanning the last two open tax years. HMRC is strict about enforcing the two-year deadline.  

If your tax year end is approaching and you have not yet claimed contact our friendly team now so you don't lose out.

How much money is an R&D claim worth?

A typical client award is now valued at over £45,000.00 that can be back in your business in as little as six to nine weeks.

Most of the time this comes by means of a quick cash lump-sum and/or sizeable reductions in your CT liability.

What is the value of a successful R&D claim for an SME in profit?

An Small to Medium Sized Enterprise company in profit should expect reductions in CT liability of 25%. You can certainly see why this initiative continues to grow in popularity.

So what is the value of a successful Research and Development claim for a loss-making SME

An SME making a loss can get a quick injection of cash by surrendering the loss.

Expect to get back around 33% of your eligible project spend back. E.g. £33,000.00 for each and every £100k of qualifying spend unearthed.

After you recognise that up to one hundred percent of employees salaries can be retrieved you will see how fast the figures stack-up in your favour.

R&D Costs You Can Recover

  • Wages
  • Salaries
  • N.I. contributions
  • Pension fund contributions
  • Sub-contractor costs
  • Consumables
  • Clinical trial volunteer costs
r&d tax credit specialists Liverpool - Hamilton Wood and Company Merseyside

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