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Suppliers just like your own are retrieving as much as a massive 1/3rd of their legacy business/industry advancement expenditure back again with the help of R & D Tax Relief Claims.

The UK governments R & D Tax Relief Incentive is just about the most financially rewarding schemes for British organisations.

Ever since the year 2000, Englands' government has done what it can to help benefit those amongst us who happen to be aiming to force the bounds of what is possible in industry.

The uk comes with a very well-known track record of adding to the 'development' and betterment of humankind; and it is this culture that the British government are keen to encourage our business community to up hold by way of the Research and Development tax relief incentive.

If you were to learn that for those who have invested money on improving your company's goods, solutions, systems, devices etc. all the way back to the year 2000 and never claimed Research and Development tax credits you will have litterally lost tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds how would you feel?

It is important that if you have been paying revenue to improve your enterprise during the last three years that you engage with our experts to help recover funds for your business via the Research and Development tax credits program.

Our forensic way of getting back any benefit for your company will guarantee that no stone remains unturned.

How could I figure out if my company is eligible and precisely how do R & D Tax Credits enhance my small business?

First off the bat, the inititative is available to ALL UK organisations who are doing their best to enhance their business/industry.

The 2nd requirement is that your company is eligible to pay UK corporation tax.

One last point to remember is the fact that when your company is trying to create an advance by attempting to deal with any of the technical obstructions that stand in your way, then this is actually a flag that approved R and D activity is taking place.

It's true that you can collect between a 1/4 and 1/3rd of all your qualifying business spend, that has been shelled-out trying to develop your organisations items, solutions, systems, equipment etc.

To put it differently, if your business is in profit, you can anticipate a twenty-five thousand pound reduction off your next tax bill for every £100,000 of investment uncovered.

Lots of company owners think they'll never have spent a hundred-thousand on working to improve their business, or field but when they find out as much as one hundred percent of their workforces income, materials expenses, software expenditure, sub-con expenditure and numerous others all can give rise to mounting a successful claim, they start to examine the government scheme in a new light.

Our previous business project failed to go to plan, can I still claim?

Thankfully, the UK government employ a level of common-sense here…and yes, there's a chance you're able to claim a percentage of your expenditure from failed business development activities.

Consider when kids are learning to walk. It will require a great number of failed attempts before they accomplish their target and its fair to say the same principal applies here.

It is acknowledged that there will probably be many failed attempts before you eventually get to your next ‘eureka’ moment.

The world of business understands that in business, it is important to fail, to fail rapidly, to learn from failing, and to go again with a new point of view and outlook. With every ‘fail’ you are taking a step nearer to potential success.

Well how come the government compensate your company for failed projects?

As we have already stated the United kingdom possesses a very long reputation of pioneering new methods to do things, fresh new methods, processes and so on.

With all of the historic talk of Brexit and trade deals, a thing that's for certain is that continuing to revolutionise different ways to do things, new products, processes, methods, devices, solutions, know-how and so forth is the thing that will continue to support our countries position on the world stage; and that is the very reason the government are so dedicated to improving companies stepping up to to this all too important challenge.

Looking to change and to do things in a new way is what has made it easier for civilisation to evolve and precisely what has served to shape the present day world around us. We have to continuously search for innovative and enhanced ways to do things and you will be handsomely compensated for doing just that.

About Hamilton Wood & co. The UK’s leading Research & Development Tax Credit Specialists.

Hamilton Wood and co provides award-winning business support services built to help reinforce the UK business community.

We are incredibly proud that our senior R & D specialist resides on HMRC's consultation committee, which means you are in very safe hands when partnering with us.

Just before any proposed revisions or amendments to legislation become law, our senior specialist is among a limited number that liaises with HMRC to debate the potential implications and effects of any suggested changes in legislation.

In terms of our proficiency, you couldn’t be in any safer hands with Hamilton Wood & company.

Reasons to choose Hamilton Wood and company to help with your R and D Tax Claim.
  • We are very extremely pleased that our lead senior R and D Specialist resides on HMRC’s R&D consultation board which means that our skill-set is as good as it gets.
  • As an award winning business, we exist to to help your business be successful. Stimulating UK businesses is what we do.
  • We take on the full cost of dealing with your claim, and should we fail to identify any award, then there's zero cost for our time; to put it differently, we work on a hundred percent no-win-no-fee basis.
  • The average sum we secure for our clients is now over £46,000 and rising.
  • Our company is a national R & D tax specialists and work diligently to safely enhance your claim. Our forensic method limits your time to just One Or Two hours over a 6 - 9 week period.
  • Our approach is accepted and accepted by HMRC which means we can get more of your money back in your business fast.
  • Our service is indemnified which means your company is protected.
  • We’re trusted as the premier Research & Development tax credit specialists in the united kingdom.