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R & D Tax Credits, What are They?

Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits are a government scheme manufactured to help reinforce your business by rewarding it for making an attempt to gain innovation in your own business.

R&D Tax Credits were first brought in around 2000, so in the case your company has invested in its own development during this time and you're yet to lodge a claim, you might have now lost tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost tax relief as you can only reclaim company spend placed down within the last two-open tax years.

How can they assist your enterprise?

Business owners like yours can recover in between 25-33% of their eligible investment costs back again any time they have been investing in improving upon their organizations products, devices, processes, systems and many others and might also benefit from reduced corporation tax obligations in the future.

England is highly regarded the world over for producing new and novel methods to do things and to being a hot-bed of expertise when it comes to pinpointing and doing their best to resolve some of humanities biggest challenges. Our government are keen for all of our business community to continue this custom going and the Research & Development scheme is their way of ensuring that your small business will be compensated for doing so.

R & D Tax Credits are without a doubt one of the more beneficial rewards which are in position to benefit Ltd. corporations throughout the uk.

Wherever your enterprise is operating in profit, you may expect a £25,000 reduction off your future tax bill for every £100k of qualifying pay out identified. Where your business incurs a loss, it could surrender this loss to secure an almost instant cash repayment from central government valued at £33,350 for each £100k of qualifying spend uncovered.

Nearly all SME's we help can usually benefit from a common return worth over £46,000 in just 6 to 9 weeks. You can see this is not small change and not to be disregarded since it can vastly strengthen any company using it.

Lots of businesses don't realise that they are often doing eligible R and D whilst going about their day-to-day company activities. As much as a colossal 100% of individuals salary can be reclaimed as well which means that this could easily add up to an important financial award for your business.

Organisations just like yours who have spent company money on looking to improve will be handsomely compensated via this government program.

It is essential to remember that even if the project did or didn’t quite go to plan, that you can still recover a portion of the costs you've sustained; the government will still reward your business for looking to secure the advance since you'll still be furthering your understanding and capability which implies an advance could be more likely at some point.

In what way will I recognise if my small business can lodge a claim?

Firstly all UK Ltd. companies who are eligible to pay UK corporation tax could be able to claim.

You need to be working to solve any of the difficulties standing in the way of an advancement being realised.. Try to remember this scheme will reward you even when you are unsuccessful in your endeavours.

Your ongoing iterations or experimenting can signify that eligible R & D activities might be being carried-out.

Without actually recognising it, many organizations out there may be completing approved R&D activities. If you happen to be not sure if your recent endeavours qualify, call an expert now; we can help you.

Let’s say you’re a company owner and you have a feeling that you can make something better, more efficient, more eco-friendly in a new or significantly enhanced way, and you're being required to undergo an amount of learning from mistakes, then this probably will amount to approved R&D activity.

With so much false information out there as to what does and does not qualify as R and D activities, if you've been making an investment in your company improvement over the last 3 years call our specialist advisers now and we will be happy to offer advice on whether you may be eligible or not.

Why should you use Hamilton Wood And Co?
  1. Our senior analyst liaises with HMRC in relation to proposed adjustments and updates in legislation.
  2. We have a 100% success rate to-date.
  3. We recover an average in excess of £46,000 for our SME clients.
  4. We can get your money back in your company in as few as six to nine weeks.
  5. We take on the full cost of looking into and handling your claim. When there is no claim then there's no fee for our time and our low-fees are only due when funds are made available to your company.
  6. We work along side with accountants on a national basis delivering assistance in this highly complex area of tax.
  7. As an award winning business services provider, we are accepted as a nationwide leader for what we do.