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So what are R & D Tax Credits?

R & D Tax Relief is an initiative for UK ltd. businesses that rewards them when it comes to investing in searching for innovation.

R & D Tax Credits were first brought in during 2000, therefore, if your business has invested in its own improvement during that time and you're yet to claim anything back, you'll have lost out on tens, or even hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost tax relief as you can only recover business spend placed down in the past two-open tax years.

How can they assist your enterprise?

Business owners like yours can get back between 25-33% of their eligible investment costs back when they have been investing in improving their companies products, devices, processes, systems and so on and may also make use of decreased corporation tax liabilities moving forward.

Britain is well respected across the globe for creating new and novel methods to do things and to being a hot-bed of skills in regards to analyzing and taking steps to resolve a number of humanities most significant issues. HMRC want for the business community to help keep this practice going and the R&D program is their means of ensuring that your small business will be rewarded for doing this.

Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits are Without a doubt an exceptionally rewarding business scheme that helps power your organization's development.

Where your company is functioning in profit, you may expect a £25,000 reduction away from your next tax bill for every £100k of eligible spend unearthed. Wherever your small business has a loss, it can surrender this loss to secure an almost immediate cash repayment from HMRC valued at £33,350 for each and every £100k of qualifying spend discovered.

Nearly all SME's we help may benefit from a typical return valued at over £46,000 within just six to nine weeks. You can see this is not small change and never to be dismissed as it can massively strengthen any business taking advantage of it.

A good amount of small businesses do not recognise that they may be executing qualified R&D while going about their daily business endeavours. As much as a massive 100% of individuals wages can be reclaimed too which means this may amount to a substantial financial award for your company.

This government program was made to strengthen your organization by way of rewarding it for making the steps necessary to secure an advance.

Any time you and/or your crew (together with sub-contractors) are trying to settle technical uncertainties with an activity, even if the venture doesn't get the planned end result you'll still have the capability to claim an apportionment of money used up back again. What is vital is that you are working to gain progress simply because this will develop your knowledge, know-how and abilities moving forward.

What could indicate if my business is able to claim?

For a start all British Limited organisations who are eligible to pay UK corporation tax could be permitted to claim.

Let’s take into account that the initiative was established to encourage you on in your attempts to secure progress in your firm and industry whilst looking to remedy any of the scientific difficulties that stand in the way of an advancement being secured.

Your continuing attempts or experimenting can indicate that eligible R & D activity might be being carried-out.

This is a good reason so many organizations can mount a claim further to the functions they're accomplishing without even understanding it.

For those who have had a 'hunch' your business can do something in a unique or distinct way, and you work toward making your goals a real possibility, then you could be undertaking approved Research & Development activities.

With so much false information out there in regards to what does and doesn't qualify as R&D activity, if you have been making an investment in your business development within the past 3 years call one of our specialist advisors now and we will be happy to provide advice on whether you may qualify or not.

Why you can trust Hamilton Wood & Company?
  1. Our senior technical specialist actually resides on HMRC's Research and Development Consultation Committee.
  2. We have a 100% rate of success to-date.
  3. Most of our clients reap the benefits of an award over £46,000
  4. We have an approved methodology accepted by HMRC and can get more of your funds back in your company in just six - nine weeks.
  5. Only when hmrc makes funds available to your firm are our low-fees due. This means you are always in a cash positive position.
  6. Over 50% of our new clients come from accounting firms who we support with this very specialist area of tax.
  7. We are accepted as a major national supplier of R&D tax services.