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What exactly are R&D Tax Credits?

R&D Tax Relief is an incentive for UK limited businesses that rewards them with regards to investing in searching for innovation.

R&D Tax Credits Legislation has been around since the year 2000. In the event that your organization has invested in its own enhancement since that time and never claimed R&D Tax Credits then you could have missed out on a large amount of money which might be tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pound in lost tax relief.

So how are they going to help my business?

Business owners like yours can collect in between 25-33% of their eligible investment costs back again anytime they have been investing in bettering their firms products, devices, processes, systems etc and can also benefit from lower corporation tax obligations moving forward.

The UK have a very long and proud background of forming new procedures for doing things and products and solutions that go on to change the earth for the better. The British government offer this scheme to inspire more of the same.

R & D Tax Credits are A top government incentive created to reimburse organizations for looking to secure progress within their business.

Where your company is operating in profit, you can expect a £25,000 reduction off your future tax bill for every £100k of qualifying pay out recognized. When your enterprise has a loss, it can surrender this loss to secure an almost instant cash repayment from HMRC worth £33,350 for each £100k of eligible spend uncovered.

An average sum of money we help to locate for our SME customers is now in excess of £46,000.00, so you're able to see we are not talking small change here.

There are a number of company owners who incorrectly believe that R & D really doesn't apply to their small business or they have been told just as much in the past but when they recognise that their legacy endeavours to further improve their business and secure advances may amount to Research and Development and that they can get back as much as 100% of peoples earnings you will see how fast the numbers stack up in your favour.

Your enterprise will be handsomely rewarded via this government incentive when you've invested cash on endeavouring to accomplish things in a new or notably improved manner.

It's important to remember the fact that even in the event the project did or didn’t quite go to plan, that it's possible to still regain a percent of the costs you have incurred; the government will still award your organization for looking to secure the advance because you will still be advancing your understanding and capability which signifies innovation is a lot more likely one day.

How can I figure out if my small business can claim anything back?

To begin with all British Ltd. organisations who are eligible to pay UK corporation tax could be able to claim.

Let’s take into account that this incentive is designed to spur you on in your endeavors to gain an advance in your firm and sector whilst seeking to resolve in either of the technological challenges that stand in the way of innovation being secured.

It is the continuing attempts to eliminate these problems with realising an advancement that is a flag that qualified Research & Development (R&D) activity could be being undertaken.

Without even understanding it, many companies out there may very well be doing qualifying R&D activity. If you're not sure if your recent endeavours qualify, call an expert now; we can help you.

Whenever your company is attempting to strengthen its products, procedures, techniques, services, devices etc then you need to speak to one of our specialists to find out whether your endeavours constitute eligible Research and Development.

With so much misinformation out there as to what does and does not qualify as R&D activities, if you've been investing in your business improvement over the past three years call one of our expert advisers now and we will be happy to offer advice on whether you may be eligible or not.

Why to choose Hamilton Wood And Company?
  1. Our senior analyst liaises with HMRC in relation to suggested adjustments and updates in legislation.
  2. We have a 100% rate of success to-date.
  3. We get an average in excess of £46,000 for our SME clients.
  4. We have an approved methodology recognized by the government and can get more of your funds back in your company in just 6 - 9 weeks.
  5. Only when the government makes funds available to your company are our low-fees due. This means you are always in a cash positive position.
  6. We work closely with accountants on a national basis delivering support in this highly intricate area of tax.
  7. We are accepted as a leading national provider of R and D tax services.