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Bring back up to a 1/3rd of your last three years business/industry development costs back again via R & D Tax Relief

Introducing the United Kingdoms' Governments Research and Development Tax Credit Incentive

Ever since the year 2000, Englands' government has done what it can in order to repay those out there that are making an effort to move the bounds of what’s achieveable inside their sector.

The UK are held in high respect for our age-old tradition of manufacturing fresh and improved methods for carrying out things; And it is this practice that the British government are keen to encourage our business community to up hold via the R & D tax credits incentive.

What if you were to discover if you have spend money on boosting your company's merchandise, services, methods, devices etc. Since the year Two thousand and never claimed R and D tax credits you will have litterally lost tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds so this government scheme might now get your attention.

It is essential that if you've been paying out revenue to improve your small business during the last three years that you participate with our experts to help safely optimise your claim beneath the Research & Development tax relief scheme. Our forensic method to recovering any benefit for your business ensures that no stone stays unturned.

In what way will I be able to know if my firm can claim R&D tax relief and also just how much are they worth to my company?

An important thing to realise is that if your business is Ltd in the united kingdom then there's the potential you are able to claim, if your company is endeavouring to accomplish things in a great new and improved way.

Second of all, your business must be eligible to pay corporation tax in great britain.

Another point to keep in mind is that wherever your company is trying to find an advance by attempting to deal with any of the complex obstacles that block the way forward, then this is usually a flag that qualifying R and D activity is taking place.

Your business can get back between one quarter and one third of all qualified company spend that we unearth.

A different way to look at this is that if your company is generating a loss you can expect an almost immediate cash refund of ££33.3k for each and every £100000 of business spend discovered and a twenty-five thousand pound decrease away from your next corporation tax bill wherever your organisation is in profit.

So many businesses think they will never have spent a £100,000 on seeking to improve their business, or field but once they find out up to one hundred percent of their staff earnings, materials expenditure, computer software expenses, sub-contractor charges and others all can contribute to mounting a successful claim, they start to view the scheme in a brand-new light.

Our last company venture did not go to plan, is it still possible to claim?

Even if your company projects didn't obtain the progression you set out to get, you'll probably still have the capacity to claim. Fortunately our government applies a certain amount of common-sense and can see that 'rome wasn't built over night.'

Remember when kids are learning how to walk. It will require a number of failed attempts before they accomplish their end goal and the same principal is applicable here.

You'd be exceptionally fortunate to nail your goal on your very first attempt and so, the government realise that it is likely your business will likely be going through a variety of iterations to progress ever closer to securing the improvement, and that means you may still be able to mount a claim.

The business world recognises that in business, it is vital to fail, to fail quickly, to learn from failing, and to go again with a new perspective and mindset. With every ‘fail’ you are taking one step closer to potential success.

Well why does the government compensate your company for failed projects?

As we've mentioned previously the United kingdom has got a long legacy of pioneering new strategies to doing things, innovative methods, processes etc.

With all of the historic talk of Brexit and trade deals, one thing that's for sure is that continuing to establish new approaches to do things, new products, processes, methods, gadgets, solutions, know-how and so forth is what will continue to reinforce our islands position on the world stage; and this is the very reason the government are so committed to improving firms stepping up to to this all too crucial task.

Our curiosity and ability to change is what has fueled our ascent as a race. If we were not curious about the world around us and did not take the appropriate steps to obtain breakthroughs, we might still all be dwelling in caves.

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Hamilton Wood and company supplies multi-award-winning business support solutions which are designed to help fortify the UK business community.

We are exceptionally proud that our senior R & D analyst resides on HMRC's consultation board, this means you are in very safe hands when partnering with us.

Just before any suggested revisions or amendments to legislation become law, our senior analyst is among one of a limited number that liaises with HMRC to discuss the possible implications and effects of any proposed changes in legislation.

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  • £46,000 is now the average sum we secure for our SME clients.
  • We take a forensic approach to unveiling your full, true award and limit your time involved to merely 1-2 hours on the telephone during a speedy six to nine week period of time.
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  • Our end-to-end service protects your business as our assistance is indemnified.
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