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R&D Tax Credits Stockport, Cheshire by award-winning practice Hamilton Wood & Company.  We specialize in the Research and Development tax credits incentive for UK businesses.  Our specialist consultants help businesses recover an average of over £45,000.00 that can be back in your business in just 6-9 weeks.

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Has Your Business Spent Money Over the Last Few Years Trying to Improve Your:


Been working to improve your business's products and service? This could signify an R&D claim.


When your business is striving to improve your service delivery in a new way, this could signify a claim.


Are you combining a variety of systems to achieve an advance or save time? This could signify a claim.


Are you working to improve devices used in your business? If you are contact us to see if you can claim.

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Find out if your business qualifies...


Our Award-Winning Team Helps to Improve Your Company's Bottom Line Fast...

Our specialists produce robust R&D tax credit claims for businesses in Stockport, Cheshire.  Our process that is trusted and accepted by HMRC ensures that no valuable benefit is lost.  We help your company effortlessly recover large sums of money from its historic business expenditures fast.

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We Help Improve Your Company's Bottom Line Fast...

R&D tax credits Stockport. Our specialists produce robust claims for businesses in Stockport.  Our thorough, managed process ensures that no valuable benefit is lost.  We help our clients seamlessly recover large sums of money from their historic business expenditures.

Why Use Our Research and Development Tax Relief Services:

Leading Expertise:

Our Senior Analyst resides on HMRC's consultation committee for the R&D tax relief incentive so you couldn't be in any safer hands.

Specialists Produce Robust R&D Awards:

We have a 100% success rate with cases we take on.  Our proven methodology helps you recover large sums from past company spend.

Streamlined Process:

We limit your time involved to just a couple of hours over a 6-9 week process so you can get on with doing what you do best, running your business.

Substantial Funds Secured for Clients:

When your claim is successful, an average return secured for our clients is in excess of £45,000.00 that is recovered from money already spent.

Our Average Client Award Is Now Over


This amount can be back in your business in just 6 - 9 weeks

About Hamilton Wood & Company

We are recognized as a leading R&D tax credit specialists serving businesses across the UK.  We have won multiple awards for the help and support we provide to UK Businesses.  We exist to help improve your company's bottom line and we are able to do this quickly drawing on our expertise spanning several decades in industry helping businesses of all shapes and sizes.  Our average client award for SME's and larger businesses is now valued at over £45,000.00 so we're not talking small change.


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R&D Tax Experts Near Me Stockport, Cheshire.  Award-Winning Research and Development Tax Relief Consultancy Hamilton Wood & Company Help to Improve Your Company's Bottom Line Fast.