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R & D Tax Credits, What are They?

R & D Tax Credits are a major incentive run by the HMRC to reward Ltd. companies involved in attempting to press the bounds of what is attainable in their business.

R&D Tax Credits Legislation has been around since the year 2000. Any time your company has invested in its own development since that time and not claimed R&D Tax Credits then you might have lost out on a lot of money which could be tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pound in missed tax relief.

So how does this kind of tax relief strengthen your business?

Organisations like yours can collect in between 25-33% of their eligible investment costs back again any time they have been investing in making improvements to their organizations products, devices, processes, systems etcetera and might also benefit from reduced corporation tax obligations moving forward.

The UK government are eager for the business community of the United Kingdom to continue doing what its constantly done, and that is to develop all new and upgraded methods for doing things or possibly crafting new game-changing innovations that will be held in high respect around the world stage.

R & D Tax Credits are possibly one of the most advantageous rewards which are in place to benefit Limited organizations in england and wales.

Generally, for every £100,000 your business invests on an eligible project, you will collect either a £25,000.00 reduction off your next government tax bill, or when you are operating at a loss, it's possible to ‘surrender’ this loss to trigger an almost immediate cash-rebate worth £33,350.00 from the central government with our assistance.

Nearly all SME's we help can usually benefit from an average return valued at over £46,000 in just six - nine weeks. You can see this isn't small change and not to be overlooked as it could massively bolster any business cashing in on it.

A good amount of organizations do not realise that they might be conducting allowed R&D whilst carrying out their daily company functions. As much as a huge 100% of individuals salaries can be reclaimed too so this could very well add up to a large financial award for your firm.

Firms just like yours who have invested company funds on attempting to improve will be handsomely compensated via this hmrc incentive.

When you and/or your crew (which includes sub-contractors) are working to resolve technical concerns with a job, even if the endeavor doesn't achieve the intended final result you'll still have the capacity to claim a percentage of money expended back.

What is critical is that you are attempting to secure an advance as this will expand your understanding, know-how and abilities moving forward.

How will I discover if my small business can mount a claim?

All British firms in all industries theoretically could be eligible, providing they're carring out permitted activities.

Don't forget this initiative helps your company irrespective of whether your efforts to gain an advancement ended up being effective or not; providing you are at least working to resolve the difficulties standing in the way of the progression being realized.

It's the on-going endeavours to solve these difficulties with achieving an advancement that is a flag that qualified R & D activity might be being performed.

This is one reason so many firms can claim further to the functions they're doing without actually realising it.

When your firm is trying to make improvements to its products, procedures, techniques, services, devices etc then you should speak to one of our specialist advisers to ascertain if your work constitute eligible R&D.

With so much false information out there as to what does and does not qualify as Research and Development activity, if you've been making an investment in your business development in the last 3 years call our specialist advisors now and we will be happy to provide advice on whether you may be eligible or not.

Why use Hamilton Wood & Co?
  • Our senior R&D Technical specialist resides on HMRC’s R & D Consultation Committee, and that means you couldn’t be in better hands.
  • We have a 100% success rate to-date.
  • An average value we obtain for our clients is already over £46,000.00
  • Our stream-lined 'fast-track' method will get your funds back in your organization in just six - nine weeks.
  • We work on a success only structure, so if there's no eligible activity, there is absolutely no fee for our time, so it’s a risk-free process.
  • We work along side with accountants on a national basis offering support in this highly complex area of tax.
  • As a multi-award winning business services provider, we are recognized as a countrywide leader for what we do.