R&D Tax Credits Wycombe

Research & Development Tax Credits, what exactly are they and in what ways will they help your small business?

R & D Tax Credits are an scheme ran by the government of the UK that rewards UK small businesses that happen to be investing in searching for innovation.

If your business has been investing in ventures that are searching for new methods, which may be making an effort to do things in a fresh new and considerably improved manner, then as long as you are listed as a limited business and therefore eligible to pay UK corporation tax then there's the chance you could be able to claim Research & Development tax relief.

R & D Tax Credit legislation was initially launched in the year 2000. The regulation has been constantly developing ever since and is a highly specialist area of tax law.

This financially worthwhile program is just about the most lucrative on offer to UK firms.

The incentive has actually been supported by sequential governments who see the value in inviting the business community to seek new and improved methods for performing things.

Our country has a very long and proud reputation for establishing brand-new and appreciably improved solutions to achieve things, revolutionary methods to many of the challenges facing humankind and it is this custom that the R and D Tax Credit initiative is created to encourage.

Specifically what actions might my company be performing that could constitute qualified Research and Development actions?

Your small business may perhaps already be carrying out work which could be considered permitted R & D activity and yet you do not even recognise this.

There are plenty of myths and false-information with respect to what qualifies and it can be that you wrongly believe the initiative will not likely apply to your business.

Many organisations simply believe that their ongoing firm undertakings are merely routine, and not aware that they may qualify for a sizeable R & D tax relief claim.

Where your small business is attempting to enhance products, services, systems, devices etc. and the way in front of you isn’t certain, and perhaps you happen to be working on a cycle of trial and error or iterative updates to clear up any one of the issues your project is confronted with then this may highlight that there could very well be qualified activity going on within your firm.

Exactly what are R&D Tax Credits worth to my organization?

There are several areas where business spend may be brought back by means of the initiative.

For any sum of company spend we identify, you'll take advantage of a further 130% on top supplied by the United kingdom government.

Simply, if a business is in profit for each £100,000 of eligible business spend observed you can anticipate a £25000 reduction off of your tax bill.. Businesses operating at a loss should expect to recover around £33,350 for every £100000.00 of business investment observed in most cases this comes as a cash lump-sum within 6 to 9 weeks.

It sounds intriguing, how do I claim?

Hamilton Wood and Co. are recognised as a major R & D tax credit specialist in the UK.

With Hamilton Wood & Co you could not be in safer hands. Our senior Research & Development tax relief professional resides on HMRC's R and D consultation committee so our degree of experience is second-to-none.

We have produced a streamlined, holistic claims method that helps you get more of your money back in your small business quickly.

We only need your time for just one or two hours over a 6 to 9 week period so we will free up more of your time so you can get on with managing your small business.

We have a 100% rate of success for claims we undertake.

Our service is indemnified also, so if ever we need to negotiate with central government with regards to any computations etc. this is all part of our service.

Our team has a hundred percent recovery rate to-date and should we fail to find a claim then there's no charge for our advisors time.

Reasons to choose Hamilton Wood & co. to help with your R and D Tax Relief claim?
  • Hamilton Wood & co are a multi-award-winning R and D Tax Relief and Organization Funding Specialists servicing the whole of the United Kingdom.
  • We are affiliated with a subsidy of the British Business Bank, the Start-Up Loans Company; which is wholly owned by HM Government.
  • Our senior Research and Development Technical specialist resides on HMRC’s R and D consultation board, so you’re in incredibly safe hands with our company.
  • An average value we secure for our clients by means of the SME R&D scheme is now over £45,000.00.
  • Our R & D process usually takes just six to nine weeks in total.
  • We cap the time you're involved to just 1-2 hours during the entire process so you can get on with other things in the knowledge we're going to do the rest.
  • Our process shields you from risk as we liaise with central government on your behalf to be certain things go smoothly.
  • We are also able to help fund firm initiatives to the tune of over £600,000,000. We are an ideal partner to fuel your advancement.