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Companies similar to yours are recovering up to a massive 1/3rd of their last three years business/industry development expenses back again as a result of R and D Tax Credits Claims.

Discover the United Kingdoms' Governments R & D Tax Credit Incentive.

Since the year 2000, the united kingdoms' government has done what it can to pay back those amongst us who have been trying to drive the bounds of just what is achieveable in our sector.

The UK are held in high regards for our historical traditions of producing modern and much better ways of doing things; and it is this custom that the British government wish to promote our business community to up hold via the R & D tax relief incentive.

What if you were to discover for those who have spent money on enhancing your business's products, solutions, methods, devices etc. all the way back to the year two thousand and never claimed R&D tax relief you could have litterally lost tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds?

Research and Development tax relief are an exceptionally specialist area of tax due to constantly developing guidelines, tax rates and what is thought to be qualifying activities.

Hamilton Wood and Companyare recognised as the foremost Research and Development tax credit specialists in the UK and work together with UK businesses to help them safely maximise their yield below this financially rewarding incentive.

How will I be able to pinpoint if my organisation can claim R&D tax credits and exactly how much are they really worth to my company?

To begin with, the inititative is accessible to ALL UK organisations who are doing their best to help improve their business/industry.

Then the 2nd point is that your organisation must be eligible to pay UK corporation tax.

Another point to bear in mind is that wherever your enterprise is striving to accomplish an advance by working to solve any of the complex hurdles that stand in your way, then this is seen as a flag that eligible R and D activity is being undertaken.

Your organisation can collect between twenty five and thirty three percent of all allowed company spend that we uncover.

So, to put it another way for every £100,000 of your business spend established, you will receive either a virtually instant cash refund of £33350 or a £25000 reduction in tax if you're operating at a loss, or in profit respectively.

A lot of small businesses hear those figures and incorrectly assume they would not come anywhere near those figures, but once they understand that up to 100% of their employees earnings can be considered, you can understand by just having as little as 2 or 3 employees how the amounts will quickly stack up.

Our previous company venture did not work out as planned, are we still able to claim?

The good thing is, the UK government apply a degree of common-sense here…and yes, you may well be able to obtain a portion of your expenditure from failed business development activities.

Certainly, we’ve all heard the phrase, you can’t run before you can walk, and the same logic kind of applies here.

It's accepted that there may very well be many failed attempts before you ultimately achieve the next ‘eureka’ moment.

It's true that failing is the thing that educates human beings to achieve success.

As long as you are gaining knowledge through your mistakes this will have the effect of improving your understanding and know-how.

It is vital to fail, and to fail swiftly as this shows you are growing.

Why does the government shell out on failed Research & Development business development activities?

As we have already mentioned, the government wish to retain our nations position on the world stage.

Stimulating the business community to repeatedly seek out advancement means that it's very likely our nation will continue to create new and superior solutions, services, techniques gadgets and so forth that are held in high respect throughout the world.

With all the historic talk of Brexit and trade deals, something that's for certain is that continuing to establish unique techniques to do things, new products, processes, methods, devices, systems, know-how and so on is what will continue to reinforce our nations position on the world stage; which is the very reason the government are so committed to rewarding firms rising to this all too necessary challenge.

Humanities curiosity and ability to change is what has fueled our ascent as a species.

If we were not interested in learning about the planet around us and didn't take the appropriate measures to acquire advances, we would still all be residing in caves.

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