We Help UK Businesses Striving to Develop New Products and Services Recover Costs Via Robust R&D Tax Credit Claims

Expert Advice and Support on R&D Tax Claims

Hamilton Wood & Company are a leading national provider of professional R&D claims services for SME’s and larger companies throughout the United Kingdom.  Our R&D tax specialists take the pain out of claiming research and development tax relief for UK businesses.

R&D tax credits are a powerful government incentive first introduced in 2000, that is designed to encourage companies to invest in seeking innovation or to improve their products and services.

For most businesses, a successful R&D claim can help them recover an average between £45,000 and £55,000 from past company expenditures.

A quick call with one of our expert R&D consultants will help uncover if there are any eligible projects and costs that can be recovered by your business. 

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What does R&D stand for?

R&D stands for Research and Development.  R&D is the process businesses of all sizes, inventors and Governments undertake when trying to improve products, services, systems and devices of all kinds.

If your business has invested in trying to improve what it does in a new way within your industry, and you’re a Limited company (regardless of size), then you may be able to claim providing you have been investing in eligible business projects.  

We provide a fully managed, indemnified process to safely optimise your yield under this complex incentive. 

We limit your time involved to just a few hours so that you can get on with doing what you do best, running your company.

R&D Tax Credits Example

Successful R&D claims can see a company recover between 25% and 33.5% of their eligible project spend back including employees’ wages and pensions costs, cost of consumables, software and more besides. It’s easy to see how the figures quickly scale in your company’s favour.

HMRC will award your company between 25p and 33.5p in the pound back for money spent on qualifying R and D projects. In other words, for every £100,000 of spend you can expect to recover between £25,000 and £33,500 subject to eligibility criteria and your own circumstances. This valuable monetary benefit can be back in your business within just six to nine weeks from our final report being submitted to HMRC.

Feature Highlights

  • The average sum we secure for businesses is between £45,000 and £55,000. In most cases this figure comes by way of a swift cash lump sum should your business surrender a loss.
  • We are award winners and produce robust R&D claims with ongoing advice and support
  • Fully managed, indemnified, end-to-end process
  • With the 2021 Spring budget, losses can be carried back for a longer period on a temporary basis

What Is the Role of Research and Development?

The United Kingdom has a long and proud history of creating products and services that go on to change the world forever and we all should be doing more of the same; R&D tax relief is the Governments way of encouraging UK businesses of all sizes to do just that!

R&D is an essential process to help shape a better world of tomorrow.

The role of our R & D tax credit specialists is to help you safely recover all of the money your business could be owed.

What Company Spend Can You Recover?

  • Salaries & Wages
  • Utility Bills
  • Subcontractor / Freelance costs
  • Consumable items including wastage
  • Travel expenditure in relation to project

We were unsure if our day-to-day activities would allow us to claim.  We are delighted with the £54,000 back...thank you!

Engineering Company, London

Retrospective R&D Claims

The Constantly changing legislation along with the complexity of R&D tax relief means many businesses that may be conducting eligible R&D through their routine, day-to-day work are simply unaware they may be able to claim...

Up until the spring budget 2021 losses could be carried back for a period of two years. 

The recent extension period announced by the Rt. Honourable Rishi Sunak means that losses can now be carried backwards for a further year which means that if you have not yet claimed R&D tax relief, now is a very good time to. 

Sadly many companies continue to miss out on a valid claim due to a lack of awareness of the incentive and what qualifies and what doesn't. 

If you have invested in trying to improve your products and services and would like to discuss your R and D claims, call us on 03331 020202.

Our Expert R&D Tax Specialists Are Here To Help You

A complimentary 10 minute discussion with one of our advisors will be able to quickly identify if there are any elements within your work that may constitute an eligible R&D claim.

Why Use Hamilton Wood & Company?

We Are an Award-Winning Research and Development Tax Credits Specialists Committed to Helping Your Company Thrive and Grow, Now and for the Future.

Our managing Director is a fellow of UK Research and Innovations (UKRI) Peer Review College who run several grant funding competitions annually on behalf of the Government to stimulate innovation in the UK.

Our senior technical R and D tax credits analyst resides on HMRC’s consultation committee for research and development. Before any changes in legislation become statute, our technical specialists liaise with HMRC to discuss the implications and potential impact of any proposed changes in the relevant schemes.

We are leading technical specialists with a proven track record of helping business recover tens-of-thousands of pounds from past expenditures.

We are honoured to have won a number of awards for the quality services we provide to businesses in the UK.

We provide specialist research and development tax credits services and produce robust claims via our expertly managed discovery and distillation process. Although we have 100% success rate with claims finalized and submitted, our support is fully indemnified to give you and your Company extra peace-of-mind.

More and more businesses are receiving letters from HMRC stating they are conducting compliance checks into their past R&D tax credit claims. This is a tax investigation and should be treated with the utmost care and attention.

If you have received a letter from HMRC, Hamilton Wood & Company’s leading team of experts can help draw a protective line in the sand and act on your behalf even where we were not involved in the initial claim. 

UK Research and Innovation Peer Review College UKRI

Hamilton Wood & Company also acts as a signposting service as part of the wider innovation landscape and help our customers access R&D grants and project funding to support the growth and development of their companys' projects.

100% claims success - Hamilton Wood and Company

Features & Benefits

  • Snr. Analyst on HMRC's R&D legislative panel
  • Director is a fellow of UKRI Peer Review college
  • Award winning, leading expertise
  • £100,000's secured safely for our customers
  • Fully managed, end-to-end process robust R&D claims with full support
  • Low fee only due when claim finalised

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R&D tax credits are a government incentive first introduced in 2000 designed to encourage companies to invest in seeking innovation.

Successful R&D tax claims can present a substantial cash injection to your business.