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We can help businesses who have invested in trying to develop new products and services recover up to a third of their qualifying expenditure back quickly and safely.

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We help strengthen your company's Bottom Line Safely and Quickly

We're a national provider of Research and Development tax credit and business funding services based in Manchester .  We deliver services that efficiently strengthen your company's financial position.  We also provide swift access to some of the UK's best business loans for small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

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What are R&D Tax Credits and How can They help your company?

The R&D incentive for businesses was first introduced in 2000. 

They are part of a rewarding scheme ran by HMRC to incentivise and encourage businesses in every sector to invest in building new or improved products and services

Businesses that have spent company money making appreciable improvements to products and services over the last two open tax periods can recover as much as 33% of their qualifying expenditure back.

Large sums of peoples wages, utility bills, NI contributions, subcontractor costs, software costs and more can all be recovered and so you can see the figures quickly add up in your company's favour.

Large numbers of businesses whose day-to-day operations may signify a claim sadly aren't claiming due to a lack of understanding surrounding the incentive. This is down to a general misunderstanding of what qualifies as R&D.

All UK limited companies may be able to claim regardless of industry.

Has Your Company Tried to Improve or Develop New:





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Discover how we make a difference with your company

We might not be the biggest, but we believe our commitment to helping strengthen UK companies makes us the best.

We have won a number of awards for the R&D tax solutions we provide to businesses of all sizes

We simplify complex tax legislation that can deliver huge benefits for your company.  Would you like to talk?

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Benefits of Using Our R&D Tax Credit Services

Our Senior Technical Analyst resides on HMRC's consultation committee for R&D.  He discusses the proposed impact of any changes in the scope of legislation and how they may affect companies.  

Our Managing Director is honoured and privileged to be a fellow of UKRI's Peer Review College.  UKRI run a number of Government competitions to award Grant Funding to some of the most ambitious companies.  Our team is at the forefront of UK innovation and are committed to helping ambitious businesses thrive and prosper.

Our technical expertise is amongst the best available so you're in safe hands with us.  Our service is indemnified too; this provides an extra level of protection and added peace-of-mind for you that you and your business will be expertly looked after.

Reasons to trust the experts at Hamilton Wood and Company

  • Complimentary initial R&D health checks (by phone) to illustrate if a claim may be possible 
  • We produce robust R&D claims with a 100% success rate to date with HMRC
  • We minimize your involvement to just a couple of hours over the phone so you're free to get on with what you do best, running your company.
  • Leading technical specialists
  • National provider of R&D tax services
  • Low service fee only due when we successfully finalize your claim and an award is agreed
  • We work hard to keep your business in a cash-positive way throughout
  • Fully indemnified service with a track record of delivering powerful results for businesses

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R&D tax credits are a government incentive first introduced in 2000 designed to encourage companies to invest in seeking innovation.

Successful R&D tax claims can present a substantial cash injection to your business.