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Have you not heard that UK businesses who are involved in any projects to advance their business could be owed huge sums of money from central government due to an incentive that is designed to encourage your business to do more of the same!

Let’s face it, the UK has a long proud tradition of creating and refining inventions, materials, devices, products services and many other things that go on to change the world forever…in a good way!

So, what exactly are R&D Tax Credits?

Well, in a world craving the next ‘BIG’ thing, the UK Government has ‘dangled a carrot’ to encourage UK businesses to step up to the task of developing or improving just about anything.

Providing the project’s success isn’t guaranteed and that you are working with a degree of uncertainty then there is a good chance that you could recover up to a third of any cash laid out by your company.

And, you can literally have the funds back in your business in as little as six to eight weeks.

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Why Use our RD Tax Solutions?

Historically, there has been a lot of uncertainty around what company expenditure qualifies in the eyes of the Government.

Sadly, we have seen companies who have been told irrefutably that they aren’t eligible or that they have recovered all of their entitlement and our team have proved otherwise often leading to repayments in the area of up to tens’-of-thousands of pounds.

If you have projects that may warrant a review by one of our RD tax credit specialists, get in touch now.

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Thankfully, the advisors at Hamilton Wood & Company understand all too well, that the government doesn't care whether your project didn't work out as planned, or whether it was successful. It's the imporatance of you taking steps to secure an advnce that counts.

All too often we see inexperienced individuals try and reason why a project qualifies for a repayment or a reduction in future tax liabilities and they miss shocking amounts of qualifying expenditure that add up to a pretty big sum.

Make sure your business doesn’t miss out. If you have a project that you would like to discuss, call our expert R and D tax credit advisors now.

One of the most beneficial aspects to our service is that we make certain that we do the vast majority of the work on your behalf.

We work hard to make sure that we free as much of your time up in the process of getting your money back, so you can get on with what you are god at...making a success of your business.

The total time coommittment we need from you is a maximum of just three hours over a six to eight week period. We do not send you bundles of paperwork to struggle through, again, our team of specialists will hold your hand to make the process as smooth as possible.

The Government continues to send a clear message to the UK business community... Keep on INNOVATING!

The UK Government, our trade & industry and our economy all win when we as a country continue to innovate. The UK are respected the world over for our continued contribution to advancing humanity.

It is important that when seeking a return on any investment made by your company that you use specialist RD tax experts so that they can maximise your full, true, legal entitlement leaving no stone unturned.

Our team have 100% success helping companies like yours and again, you should have your money back in your business in as little as just 6-8 weeks.

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How can our R and D Tax Specialists Help Your Business?

More and more businesses are waking up to the fact that they could be one of the ever increasing number of businesses who will benefit from what is arguably one of the Governments most attractive incentives for UK businesses to get some money back.

Our Government would like to incentivise those of you out there who have the vision and outlook to identify humanities day to day problems and then take steps to understand, and address them. Even if the project doesn't work out as planned, the government will still reward your attempts to advance our capabilities.

"That's one small step for [A] man, one giantleap for mankind."

Words said when Armstrong first stepped onto the Moon (20 July 1969). In the actual sound recordings he apparently fails to say "a" before "man" and says: "That's one small step for man, one giantleap for mankind."

(Source: Wikipedia: 20/01/2018)

Niel Armstrongs Moon Walk - Top Man - LOVE HIM

Well, on one of mans most proud acheivements ever, we, the team at Hamilton Wood & Company certainly wouldn't try and correct his grammar!

Neil Armstrong got there by working with his team and through their combined dogged human determination and percerverance look where they got...

If you have the vision and the determination to get there, just imagine what your business could achieve...

Thankfully in the UK we have a forward thinking Government who like to do things properly and this is an incentive that encourages private enterprise to ‘create, and achieve’ and get paid for doing so. (Although please do not forget, they even pay you for your trying...Even if it didn't work out as ..(ahem...) PLANNED!

It’s not unknown that the UK Government use tax credits as a virtual ‘tap’ to stimulate the economy in times of recession but to narrow their availability to such times would be counterproductive.

In their wisdom, the UK Government have known that when our country develops yet another advance, then this helps to re-affirm our position on the world stage and it is for this reason they have kept this lucrative scheme available since the year 2000.

Our RD Tax Specialists Will Be Able to Help You Recover a Magnificent Amount If You Are:

Improving, enhancing, tweaking or refining existing:

RD Tax Credits UK

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Tic Box Icon Products

Tic Box Icon Services

Tic Box Icon Processes

Tic Box Icon Materials

Tic Box Icon Devices

Tic Box Icon Systems

Tic Box Icon Tools

Tic Box Icon (Even if the project failed)

Tic Box Icon (Even if the project was shelved/paused)

Planning, designing, researching and creating:

R and D Tax Credit Services UK

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Tic Box Icon New Products

Tic Box Icon New Services

Tic Box Icon New Processes

Tic Box Icon New Materials

Tic Box Icon New Devices

Tic Box Icon New Systems

Tic Box Icon New Tooling

Tic Box Icon New Prototypes

Tic Box Icon (Even if the project failed)

Tic Box Icon (Even if the project was shelved/paused)

Really? Why is That?

Well, as we mentioned above, the UK likes to reward companies that aren’t ‘stuck in the mud’ so to speak.

The UK Government literally are encouraging companies to seek and achieve company projects that will benefit the greater good.

The Government continues to send a clear message that they want the UK to hold its position as a world-leader for innovation.

INNOVATION! Now, there’s a word that underpins the whole incentive! Providing you are working on projects that are new in some way or another, then you are more than likely onto a winner.

If you have any historic projects that you feel might warrant a review by an R&D tax specialist then make sure you call our team on 0161 791 1401.

We take the work off your hands. Our experienced team will distil all historic info to make sure we are able to present, and reason your case with the appropriate authorities on your behalf, acting as your agent.

RD Tax Solutions UK – Hamilton Wood Help Thousands of Companies like yours every year.

Can you claim Research and development tax credits
R&D Tax Credits can be a daunting area of expertise. Thankfully, our specialists at Hamilton Wood & Co are on-hand to help your business succeed. Our team will do nearly all of the work for you and streamline the recovery of any entitlement due.

Our RD Tax Experts make certain no stone is left unturned when it comes to identifying and maximising the recovery of any funds that are owed to your company due to the business development projects you have been involved with.

HMRC R and D Tax Credits can be a huge, huge minefield of problems for the inexperienced. It is of the utmost importance that when you are trying to negotiate HMRC tax rebates and/or HMRC tax reductions that every aspect of your claim is thoroughly identified and recorded and it is this area of expertise that sets our RD tax solutions and support apart.

Hamilton Wood & Company provides access to one of the UK’s leading RD Tax Credit specialists and we all work hard to make certain that the process of recovering your money is as quick and easy as possible.

Our RD Experts work to a proven methodology to ensure that during each and every step of our seven point process we minimise disruption to you and your business whilst we go about recovering your business the money it’s owed.

The total amount of time we require from you is just two-to-three hours over a six to eight week period.


Every month we help 1000’s of businesses like yours recover substantial sums of money from the Government.

We work on a success only basis which means that if we fail to identify a claim then there is no cost for using our RD tax services.

Get your money back in as little as 6 – 8 weeks.

Our quick and easy process makes sure that if you have any money its back in your business quickly.

Businesses operating at a loss will be able to recover up to a third of their qualifying business development costs.

If in profit, we help you recover over a quarter of qualifying expenditure that will be a significant reduction off your future tax bill.

R and D tax credit deductions really are the single most lucrative and beneficial government incentive for UK business owners.

The returns for businesses are absolutely stunning. If you own a business in the UK and have been working to enhance your company, call us now on 0161 791 1401.

So, how do you calculate the R&D Credit Calculation?
R&D Credit Example
For every ££ (Qualifying expenditure)
In Profit (Tax reduction or refund)
Surrendering a Loss (Immediate Rebate)

R and D Credit Calculation 2018

Summary of this HMRC tax incentive

If you’re in profit you can expect to get a tax reduction of £26,000.00 for every £100,000.00 of qualifying expenditure.

If you incur a loss, you will receive an immediate tax rebate back in your business in just a few weeks.

Research and development tax credit calculation UK 2018

Companies that have more than 500 staff are subject to a benefit calculated at a slightly different rate

If you are a larger company nd unsure as to what you could be owed, please call our tax advisors now and they will be happy to help you.

What counts for R and D tax credit qualified expenses?
How far can I claim back?
What’s the process to recover my money?
When do I get my money?

Tic Box Icon New Products

Tic Box Icon New Processes

Tic Box Icon Bespoke Products

Tic Box Icon New Systems

Tic Box Icon Software Development

Tic Box Icon Wages

Tic Box Icon Pensions Contributions

Tic Box Icon Bonus Pay

Tic Box Icon Consumables

Tic Box Icon Materials

Tic Box Icon Support costs

Tic Box Icon Software

Tic Box Icon And More…

You can recover the last two open tax years.
  1. Identify that there could be a claim.
  2. Client signs a Client Instruction Form (CIF)
  3. We arrange a technical call with an experienced RD tax advisor that will last around 30-45 minutes.
  4. After the tech call, we then arrange an audit call to make sure your claim is ready for the Government.
  5. Our R&D Tax Advisors and specialist team prepare a report stating your case for the Government.
  6. The Government either agree, or disagree. We reason your case and work closely with the Government in this area to settle all claims as swiftly as possible.
  7. You receive wither research and development tax reductions or an immediate tax rebate.
In as little as just 6 – 8 weeks depending on the complexity of your claim and industry.

How can I be sure my business qualifies?

In short, contact us on 0161 791 1401. In less than five minutes we can tell you.

It’s wise to take the advice of an RD tax expert to assist you with your claim.

We see a lot of companies miss out on huge sums of money due to an inability to reason a point based on historic fact and evidence. Our specialists understand all of the many peculiarities with RD claims and we have 100% track record of winning cases for our clients. Get in touch now. You’ll be glad you did.

Ask yourself this…

This government initiative to reward companies like yours dates back to the year ‘two-thousand’ and if you are of the mind that you might have been doing activities that sound like they qualify, then you could have literally lost-out on hundreds of thousands of pounds!

We are here to guarantee you don’t miss out on any entitlement moving forward.

Get a free R&D Tax Credits Company Health Check

Thankfully, our RD tax solutions are designed to make certain that no qualifying expenditure is missed.

We make absolutely certain that no stone will be left un-turned and that we do all that we can to lawfully maximise your claim. This means that you can rest assured that in as little as 6 to 8 weeks you can have the funds back in your business.

We work on 100% No Win No Fee basis. If we fail to identify a claim, then there is no charge.
Get Funding for Your Next Project and we will get you up to a 1/3rd your investment back

100pc Success

Hamilton Wood & Company are R and D Tax Credit Experts and Business Finance Specialists based in Stockport, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom (UK.)

We help company directors and senior management teams from all over the UK enhance their companies’ financial situation.

If you would like our help recovering any research and development tax entitlement, or perhaps we can help fund your next business project that you can also claim a percentage of your investment back on, please call us now on 0161 791 1401.

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