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The UK's Most Loved Specialist Small Business Funding Provider

Welcome to Hamilton Wood & Co. where we prioritize empowering your business above all else! We understand that as a business owner you have a lot on your plate while striving to expand your enterprise. That's why we provide some of the best small business loans in the UK specifically designed to give you the financial boost you need, with an easy and efficient application process.

Established in 2017, has become a pivotal player in this landscape. As a distinguished Commercial Finance Specialist, we have carved out a significant role, not merely as a service provider but as a strategic ally for businesses across the UK mainland.

Why Choose Hamilton Wood & Company for Your Cheap Business Loan?

  • Rapid and Hassle Free Funding: Time is precious in your business realm. Our loan application process is incredibly quick and straightforward. It takes less than a minute to apply. If you provide all the necessary information we can assist you in securing same day funding for your business. Imagine what could be accomplished when the funds you require can be in your bank account within a few hours! 
  • Recognized Expertise: As a finance broker we take pride in our expertise and unwavering commitment to our clients. Our friendly team is dedicated to finding the financial solutions, for your business needs ensuring that you receive unwavering support and guidance every step of the way.
  • Transparent Pricing: We firmly believe in transparency and affordability.
    Our loans come with low-arrangement fees and competitive APR's ensuring that you can maximize the benefits of your funding solution without any hidden expenses.
Easy Application Process

Simplified & Streamlined: Say goodbye to endless paperwork! Our user friendly application takes less, than a minute. We understand that your time is valuable and we want you to spend it on growing your business not filling out forms.

Flexible Terms

Tailored for Your Business: Every business is unique. So are its requirements. That's why we offer loan terms that are designed to fit your business needs. Enjoy the freedom to focus on what really matters, the success of your business.

Quick Funding

Cash When You Need It: In todays fast-paced business world opportunities don't wait around. With our same day funding (, to information) you can seize opportunities as soon as they come up. Keep your business moving with speed and confidence.

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Our dedication to putting the customer first has been recognized through numerous awards for our commercial finance services, underscoring our commitment to putting your success first.

How Can Our Loans Benefit Your Business?

Since our inception in 2017, Hamilton Wood & Company has been instrumental in channelling millions of pounds into UK businesses, bolstering their growth and stability.

Our expertise as a commercial loans broker is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), a sector that forms the backbone of the UK economy.

Effective Cashflow Management

Streamline your cash flow to ensure operations.

Expansion & Business Growth

Invest, in equipment, inventory or even open a branch.

Emergency Financial Support

Stay prepared for expenses without the stress burden.

We specialize in offering a wide array of financial solutions, each tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by these businesses.

Our focus on competitive APRs and a suite of other advantageous features demonstrates our commitment to providing affordable and practical financial support.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Applying for a loan with Hamilton Wood & Company is simple! Don't let financial obstacles hinder your business growth. Whether you aim to expand, innovate or handle day to day expenses our small business loans are tailored to help you succeed.

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Our Role Extends Beyond That of a Traditional Finance Broker

We see ourselves as partners in the financial journeys of the businesses we work with, offering guidance and support every step of the way.

This partnership approach is reflected in our diverse range of loan options, each designed to cater to different aspects of business growth and development.

Whether it's navigating short-term financial hurdles or planning for long-term expansion, our team is equipped to provide the necessary expertise and resources.

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Your Business Success Begins Here: At Hamilton Wood & Co. we're more, than a finance broker – we're your growth partner. Join the ranks of UK businesses that have thrived with our support. Lets turn your business aspirations into reality.

Range of Commercial Finance Products

The range of financial solutions we offer is comprehensive, ensuring that businesses of all sizes and stages can find a fitting option.

From bridging loans to facilitate immediate cash flow needs to substantial funding for major expansion projects, our portfolio is designed to address the varied financial demands of modern businesses.

This versatility of funding options is a testament to our understanding of the dynamic nature of the business world and our desire to adapt our services to meet these evolving needs.

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Subject to having all the info and identification documents we require, we can turn your application around in less than a day.

Comprehensive Expertise in Business Loans

Hamilton Wood & Company's expertise in the realm of business loans is extensive and varied, addressing different business requirements with precision.

Our services are especially beneficial for:

  • Small-scale ventures seeking quick financial injections to capitalize on immediate opportunities.
  • Large-scale projects requiring substantial financing for long-term growth and expansion.

Our portfolio is carefully designed to align with specific client needs, offering intuitive tools for loan comparison.

This makes it effortless for your businesses to find favourable rates and terms that best suit your financial objectives.

Tailored Financial Solutions for Diverse Business Needs

Hamilton Wood & Company excels in providing customized financial solutions. Our approach involves:

  • Close collaboration with our customers to provide a choice of low-fee commercial financing options.
  • Tailored solutions ranging from small business loans to larger corporate financing.
  • Optimized loan rates suited to individual business circumstances, ensuring financial viability and sustainability.
  • Competitive Rates and Comprehensive Benefits of Small Business Loans
  • Award-Winning Financial Expertise. This accolade assures you of our commitment to quality service, reliability, and excellence in providing financial solutions to small businesses. 
  • Competitive APRs: Ensures that businesses get the most cost-effective loan options, reducing the overall financial burden.
  • Flexible repayment terms: Allows businesses to manage their cash flow more effectively without compromising their operational capabilities.
  • Quick and easy access to funds: Enables businesses to respond rapidly to market opportunities and urgent financial needs.
  • No hidden fees or complex terms: Provides transparency and trust in financial dealings, ensuring businesses understand their commitments.
  • Support for business growth and expansion: Facilitates the acquisition of essential assets, hiring of new staff, or expansion into new markets.


Streamlined and Efficient Application Process

Our application process is designed for simplicity and efficiency, ensuring that your business can secure the loans it needs without unnecessary delays or complexities.

This streamlined and efficient approach saves valuable time and reduces the stress often associated with small business loan applications.

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Hamilton Wood and Company are experts when it comes to commercial finance and small business funding.  Access affordable loans for your business to fuel the next stage in your business journey.