We're an Award-Winning Specialist, R&D Tax Credit Consultancy

Our team has important roles both on HMRC's legislative panel for R&D and also at UK Research an Innovation (UKRI's) Peer Review College. We are at the cutting-edge of Research and Development in the UK.

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The Research and Development (R&D) Landscape Might Have Changed but the Quality of Our Advice and Support Hasn't...

The R&D Tax Claims industry has been through successive changes in recent years. The scope and reach of these changes promises to deliver a unified R&D incentive for businesses of all sizes with effect from 01st April 2024.

The beneficial impact successful R&D claims can have on your business is phenomenal. The R & D incentive is designed to ignite and reward innovation in business. The incentive has its many complexities, of which Hamilton Wood & Company are adept.

We help simplify the R&D claims process and deliver safe and robust claims for our customers. We help get more of your award back in your business safely.

We are recognised as technical advisors to accountancy practices nationally. Our role is to identify all eligible costs and to prepare a winning narrative in support of your claim.

We have a proven track-record of helping bolster UK businesses and their bottom lines. We will do the same for your business too.

Why Choose Hamilton Wood & Company?

1. R&D Consulting Expertise Forged Through Experience

Established in 2017, and with a combined industry experience of over 60 years, Hamilton Wood & Company's experts brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Our seasoned R&D Tax Credit experts understand the intricacies of the R&D tax framework, ensuring that we safely maximize every eligible opportunity for our clients. Through meticulous attention to detail, Hamilton Wood & Company has consistently delivered millions of pounds worth of tax relief and financial benefits to our loyal customers.

2. A History of Awards and Accolades

Hamilton Wood & Company's commitment to excellence is not only recognized by its satisfied clients but also by industry peers. We take pride in our collection of awards, a testament to our unwavering dedication to helping businesses strengthen their bottom line through Research and Development Tax Credit Claims. These accolades position Hamilton Wood & Company as a trailblazer and a reliable R & D tax partner in the pursuit of financial success.

3. Specialist R&D Tax Relief, a Client-Centric Approach

Beyond the numbers, Hamilton Wood & Company places a premium on building lasting relationships. We understand that every business is unique, tailoring our approach to meet the specific needs and goals of each client. With a client-centric ethos, Hamilton Wood & Company ensures that our clients not only benefit from our industry leading R&D services but also receive personalized guidance for sustained growth.

Our R&D Tax claims process

Step 1: Initial Assessment Call

R&D Tax Credit Specialists - Photo f R&D experts examining a claim - Hamilton Wood and Company Manchester

Your personal claims handler will contact you to discuss the work your company has undertaken. This is a great time to learn more about the work you do  You'd be surprised what can come to light in this initial call. Our R&D tax experts will work to understand your business and quickly identify the various elements of your claim.

Our R&D Tax Consultants will quickly ascertain if a claim is possible.  Our team of tax advisors and industry experts will take the headache out of successfully claiming R&D to support your business growth needs.

Step 2: Technical Call

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Our industry leading experts with detailed sector knowledge will methodically reveal the full depth of your claim. Following on from the Assessment Call, our specialists will liaise directly with your senior project, finance and technical teams to gather the information we need in preparing your claim.

All too often we see businesses that could claim, get lost in the process. Want to speed up the claims process? Let our experts take the headache out of the claims process for you.

Step 3: Distillation and R&D Tax Claim Preparation

R&D Claims Process

Through the conversations so far, and the supporting info gathered we are now in a strong position to distill and prepare your claims narrative that underpins the R&D report. Don't worry, our team will do this on your behalf to ensure a safe and robust claim is prepared for HMRC.

We work to an award-winning process trusted and accepted by HMRC. It is important for your Company to have peace-of-mind with any R&D claim. Through our established process, we will ensure that your claim is presented in the best light possible along with all supporting info to ensure a safe and robust claim.

Step 4: Claim Approval and submission


When our technical specialists have carefully prepared your initial draft R&D report narrative, we will share this report with your team for any last minute additions or revisions. We will then prepare the final R&D tax report and work with your senior team to make the required amendments to your Corporation Tax Return (CT600) or we will be happy to work with your accountants to do the same.

Many businesses may not realise their day-to-day, or routine work may in fact constitute qualifying R&D.It is important to understand what qualifies and why. As part of our R&D claims process our team will discuss the various elements of your claim and communicate the sentient points throughout. we're always on-hand to assist you. Have the confidence that your claim has been meticulously prepared to support your ongoing success.

Step 5: Direct Dealing with HMRC

R&D Tax Credit Specialists Near Me

Gain additional peace-of-mind safe in the knowledge we provide ongoing support with your R&D claim for two years after the claim has been filed.  We will liaise directly with HMRC after your claim has been submitted to minimise any unnecessary delays in the HMRC award being made. If there is an industry 'spot-check' by HMRC, we will liaise directly with HMRC on your behalf.

Are you losing sight of your claim and worried you may not turn it around in time? With HMRC conducting more and more investigation it is important that you have the confidence your claim has been prepared correctly. If you need help and support preparing your claim it pays dividends to partner with industry specialists familiar in working with HMRC. We work to understand your business and the work you have been doing and we understand what HMRC are looking for when assessing a claim.

Step 6: HRMC R&D Award received - now to reinvest

What are R&D Tax Credits

From their inception, the R&D incentive was designed to reward your business for its' investment in pursuing innovation.  Your successful R&D award will reduce your Corporation Tax bill or trigger a cash award paid directly into your bank account.  A successful R&D award will help support the development of your next BIG IDEA.  When combined with other forms of business funding like our small business loans, strategic research and development can help catapult your companies growth and evolution supporting jobs and the wider economy.

Our team act as an extension of your company. We make sure that when it comes to helping strengthen your bottom line, we do all that we can to safely maximise the potential of your claim.  We work to ensure that R&D becomes an integral part of your business processes to support your continued pursuit of innovation and to make sure you receive the awards for doing so.

Optimizing for Success: Hamilton Wood & Company, Your R&D Tax Credit Specialists

1. Unmatched and Leading Industry Insight

Hamilton Wood & Company's industry experts possess an in-depth understanding of the complex R&D tax credit landscape, constantly staying abreast of evolving regulations and changes in legislation. This foresight allows the firm to craft innovative solutions that maximize tax relief while ensuring compliance with the latest standards.

2. Strategic Planning for Enhanced Results

The firm's success lies in its ability to go beyond the surface level costs that most non-specialists recover. Hamilton Wood & Company employs a strategic and meticulous planning approach, identifying and leveraging every eligible R&D tax credit opportunity. This meticulous planning not only minimizes tax liabilities but also positions clients for long-term financial success.

3. Compliance Assurance and Audit Support

Navigating the complexities of R&D tax credits demands a keen eye for compliance. Hamilton Wood & Company provides robust support, ensuring that clients not only claim what they are entitled to but also remain prepared for any potential audits. This proactive approach adds an extra layer of confidence to businesses relying on the firm's expertise.

Partnering With Us Helps Local Communities

We have an ongoing track-record of helping businesses like yours succeed. When you partner with Hamilton Wood and Company, you are partnering with a company at the forefront of R&D.

We have a firm commitment to giving back to society. We are proud to offer opportunities for ex-members of the forces and their families, and for those from marginalised backgrounds.

We have a strong reputation for the pursuit of excellence. We put the needs of our customers first to ensure that we offer value at all times. Our award-winning team safely gets more of your money back in your business.

There has been many changes in the R&D incentive recently. Gain peace-of-mind by partnering with with our industry leading R&D experts, while helping to give back to society.

Three Strategic Services to Strengthen Your Business

R&D Tax Credits

We provide a fully managed end-to-end claims process. After the initial information is gathered, we can process your claim safely and swiftly. When it comes to claiming R&D tax credits we make the process simple and effective.

Small Business Loans

In our humble opinion, we provide access to some of the UK's best small business loans. With competative APR's and low arrangement fees, you'll be glad you're partnered with Hamilton Wood and Company's finance team.

Capital Allowances

If you have recently purchased or disposed of a commercial property there many be a hidden benefit yet to be claimed. Our experts can quickly identify if there is any benefit waiting to be claimed. Talk to our specialists today.