March 15


Would you be happy if you wasted two years trying to get a Start-up loan?

By Simon

March 15, 2020

Business Funding, Start-up Loans

So, you’ve had a eureka moment and you know you have had a great business idea! It’s likely you now need a little financial help to grow.

Hamilton Wood & Company provides access to low-cost Start-up loans to help you succeed.

We provide alternative Start-up loans and pragmatic advice and support for our clients.

It is important that your time is not wasted whilst in the early stages of your business venture. Time is your biggest asset.

Through our own experience, you and your business can be tied in knots with pointless admin tasks from those appointed to ‘help!?’

It is important to learn if your business is eligible for a Start-up business loan as early as possible without wasting two years of your time.

The Start-Up Loan Company, backed by The British Business Bank advertises loans of up to £25,000. We were surprised to learn that their average loan is £6000.

Our frustration with current avenues for support led to us looking for ways to improve support for businesses in this area.

To fill this gap, we now have a fantastic Start-up loan product offering much higher loan values and lower APRs.

We seek to get you a decision as fast as we can. Our unique process can get you a decision on the same day providing we have the required info from you.

To save wasting your time, it is important that you do not have any CCJ’s or defaults against your credit file. If you have them, this may prevent you from obtaining the small business loan you need.

You would be best to put as much of your effort into sales as early as possible to gauge market appetite and to help build your bottom line.

Our advice would be to tackle your highest APR liabilities first to help you improve your credit score quicker.

We can help you secure a low-cost Start-Up loan when you have a reasonable credit score. We take pride in helping you find the best business loans we can subject to status.

If you would like to discuss a Start-up loan, please get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help you.

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